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  • Water Boilers for the Hospitality Sector - Customers are King

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    Water Boilers for the Hospitality Sector - Customers are King

    Any business within the hospitality industry knows one thing – customers are KING. Every aspect of the service needs to be top-notch, not just ‘every now and then’ but every time. Your grounds, your buildings, your amenities, your service and utilities all need to look the part and function well. There are additional pressures in offering a top-notch service within the hospitality industry too; one concerns the provision of food and drink. We all know how, with social media and independent review sites, one bad meal can become headline news… Patrons expect the best, and they also expect quick service. When they are breakfasting on their way to a make or break meeting or their nerves are jangling over an upcoming interview, they want their morning coffee hot and as they like it – and they want it now. As customers lounge in the spa, enjoying a relaxing day, they too want appropriate refreshment, such as a cool drink of filtered, chilled water. Working up a sweat in the gym, people expect to be able to re-hydrate and again, the water dispenser is a common sight across gyms and workout venues.

    Heavy Demand

    But the hospitality industry has different wants and needs when it comes to water dispensers and water boilers. The demand on the machines is considerably increased, therefore close attention needs to be paid to the finer detail in the product descriptions – what is the draw from a machine? Does it have the capacity to cope with a busy breakfast service or an influx of dinner guests at lunch time?

    But what other factors need to be considered?


    There are two points under safety: safety of physical use and maintaining the quality of the water.

    • Safe use – water dispensers that dispense hot water clearly need to be used in a way that minimises Thus, most restaurants, bars and hotel dining rooms prefer the hot water tap to have an additional locking mechanism to prevent accidental dispensing of hot water.
    • Sanitisation – bacteria and other bugs will take hold of internal components that come into contact with ‘standing’ water. All our water dispensers are coated with a film that does not affect the taste of the water but prevents bacteria and spores forming.


    The biggest factor in choosing a water dispenser for a hotel dining room or other hospitality business is the capacity of the water dispensers and boilers to deliver an almost constant stream of water, at the right temperature and at the right time. Some countertop systems boast a capacity of 40 litres per hour, ideal for most busy restaurants and hotel dining rooms.


    Diners and patrons have diverse needs and requirements at different times. In the morning, they need their coffee or tea, served as they like it alongside a delicious breakfast.

    At other times, they may appreciate sparkling water on tap or chilled water, such as at lunchtime.

    As a hospitality business, you will want your patrons to have as much choice as possible. Therefore we have a range of products that specifically answer your customer needs – and exceeds them in terms of quality and quantity.


    And then there is the question of style.

    Your dining room is stylish. It has a range of soft furnishings that make it look appealing. This is essential for welcoming your diners and patrons, making them feel comfortable in sumptuous surroundings.

    You don’t want a colossal water dispenser languishing in the middle of it, detracting from the surroundings.

    Although some water dispensers are stylish – the Greek column or the sleek black units suit most workplaces – in the case of hospitality use, it is best that the ‘working units’ are hidden from view. All that your customer sees is the stylish taps of the under-counter water dispenser that dispense either ambient or chilled water or hot or sparkling water.

    A Great Choice

    Water dispensers and boilers are more efficient and reliable than the domestic kettle. They are space-saving as they don’t take up too much space on the countertop or under the counter.

    They are easy to use, with hot water dispensers and boilers complete with a safety valve to prevent accidental drawing of hot water.

    They have the capacity to meet demand during busy service times, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are economical to run, easy to service and most of all, they fit with your customer service ethos of quality products and service.