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  • Water Bottle Rental Services for All Types of Business and Location

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    Water Bottle Rental Services for All Types of Business and Location

    No matter which industry or sector your business dominates, the provision of clean drinking water is a must. The decision whether to buy or hire a water cooler can be a tough one for a business. Buying a bottle fed water cooler can bring many benefits, as can leasing coolers to place in various locations throughout your premises.

    Employer responsibility It is an employer’s responsibility to look after their employees, their physical and mental well-being. Water is an essential part of this. Thus there must be a water tap dispensing water safe to drink, and that is easily accessible. A water cooler is the answer, but then, as an employer, you are faced with a budgetary dilemma: do you opt to buy or do you rent or lease, taking advantage of the many benefits of doing so?

    Location Deciding where the water cooler needs to be to get the most use out of it can be trial and error. Sometimes, we think the location is obvious and yet; the water cooler doesn’t need to be noticed or used. Water coolers close to kitchens or canteens seem to be readily used by employees. Placing them in corridors or foyers where most employees pass through as they enter or leave a premises can also be a prime spot. In some instances, businesses want customers and clients to also have access to water coolers too and again; the foyer can be a great location. Placing them in meeting or board rooms can also be places where access to chilled from water coolers may be needed.

    Buy a water cooler The benefits of buying your own water cooler are;

    • The water cooler is yours. Once you have paid for it, it is yours to do with what you want.


    • You will need to find a supplier of water bottles if the cooler is bottle-fed; Angel Springs can supply most water coolers with compatible bottles
    • You will also need a servicing contract as water coolers must be hygienically cleaned and flushed through every 13 weeks as a minimum
    • Do you have a support package? From buying extra drip trays to sanitising kits, to recyclable paper cups, etc. there are a few extra bits and bobs that you will need from time to time
    Is leasing a water cooler the answer?

    Leasing or renting water coolers is something that many businesses do, from small ones to large global companies.

    Once you see the benefits, you will wonder why you have not taken the leap previously;

    • Choice of bottle water-fed coolers – there are a range of bottle fed water coolers, from smaller counter-top water cooler to freestanding towers. This ensures that you get a water cooler with the right capacity, as well as style and size making it a perfect for its location.
      • The length of lease – water coolers can be leased on a rolling contract or over a fixed period, whichever you feel suits your employees and business. If the water cooler isn’t being used to its full potential, you could look at another package or cancel the contract providing you stick to terms for doing so
      • Includes servicing – in theory, your water cooler should be sanitised four times a year, in evenly spaced by 12 or 13 weeks. This is because water born bacteria can start to develop and could, if allowed to grow unchecked, make your workforce very ill. The contract will be responsible for sanitising your cooler, giving you peace of mind it is done to a high standard.
      • Easy payment terms – from an annual payment to quarterly or monthly ones, there are packages and payment terms to suit all budgets
      • Upgrade – from upgrading or downgrading your package so that it suits your business, there is also the possibility of upgrading to a new water cooler too!
      • Everything supplied – cups, enough filled water bottles to satisfy demand and all packaging can be recycled too. It’s simple and easy.
      But why bother with water coolers at all?

      We’ve noted it’s a legal obligation placed on employers, but the water cooler is more than just meeting a need. It is a versatile piece of equipment that shows your company is forward-thinking. But how?

      • Versatile – they don’t just dispense chilled or ambient water. Water coolers can also be leased that dispense hot water, perfect for when you need large amounts of very hot water for making tea or coffees – and when you need it in a bigger volume than the humble domestic kettle can provide.
      • Stylish – our water coolers are stylish. Whether they are a counter top model, a freestanding water tower or a plumbed-in water cooler, they look stunning, complementing any interior.
      • Where you need them most – the board room, the corridor, the kitchen, the dining hall, the shop floor, the reception area... the list in endless. For bottle-fed water cooler, all they need is an electrical socket close by and that really is it. Place them where people can use them, perfect for encouraging staff to stay hydrated.
      • Perfect for staff and visitors too – with recyclable cups and a bin right next to the unit, they are simple machines to operate, for staff and visitors.

      Leasing a water cooler means you and your staff get the best of everything – cooled or hot water, filtered to perfection.

      See our selection of bottle water coolers