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  • Water can help you lose weight

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    Water can help you lose weight

    Water is key to weight maintenance. Often when people are thirsty they think that they are hungry and end up snacking on unhealthy nibbles. Yes, all food is largely made up of water, but the extra calories quickly show! Taking in enough water can help people feel full and stay healthy. Water helps the digestion, skin and other essential bodily functions to operate efficiently. It also helps to regulate the metabolism and energy levels, both of which are fundamental to weight loss. Crucially, water can help dieters resist unhealthy snacks, which can be a real problem in any office as they are a constant source of temptation. Those who are on diets can benefit from being prepared. Instead of succumbing to sugar-loaded, high-caffeine drinks, opt for cooler water from the office water coolers and sip it throughout the day. You can add ginger, lemon, fruit, mint leaves or even some low-sugar cordial if you like, but drinking plain water is enough to teach your taste buds to learn to appreciate simple foods again. Eat more fruit and vegetables, which are loaded with water, along with fibre, vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements. Instead of crisps, have vegetable crudites with hummus or a guacamole dip, made with healthy avocado fats. Instead of biscuits, nibble on an orange, crunch an apple, or have berries with a spoon of Greek yoghurt. After a walk or workout, or when your energy levels are dipping in the mid-afternoon, opt for a sustaining banana. Nuts and seeds are also very good choices, and are healthy, lean sources of protein that help preserve muscle mass and keep your metabolism high. You'll start to notice a real difference in how you look and feel very quickly – and you should really start to see the benefits in your weight and appearance. The importance of water should never be underestimated. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.