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  • Water Cooler Bottles and Our Commitment to the Environment

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    Water Cooler Bottles and Our Commitment to the Environment

    It is a common concern and one that people are increasingly aware of. ‘Buying water in bottles’ can seem like an expensive and futile exercise, especially as in the UK, with the turn of a tap, we have safe drinking water. In order for us to have this luxury, water is treated using various methods which leaves an unfortunate chemical residual taste to water. And therefore, many people choose to buy water that comes from a natural underground source, and that is ‘treated’ with natural products such as carbon filters. Water, when it is pure, tastes of ‘nothing’ which is the water that is dispensed from our water coolers, both bottle-fed and plumbed-in versions. But this still leaves customers anxious that buying ‘water in plastic bottles’ is harming the environment. As a business, you will not doubt have made a very public commitment to not damaging the environment, locally and globally. You may have reached such high standards that you have won an accolade or accreditation for your company. ‘Buying water in bottles’ could potentially damage your environmentally-friendly commitment. Or will it?

    Green, green, green

    As a company, Waterlogic has made a firm commitment to our business not being responsible for damaging the environment. And that includes all aspects of the business, from water sources to not creating needless paper trails.

    And it is more than a commitment on paper - it is a daily occurrence and a proactive commitment to the environment.

    #1 Minimal Packaging

    We constantly scrutinise our packaging. On the one hand, we must by law provide you, the customer, with a certain level of information.

    But, we want to keep packaging to a minimum. This means we use as few resources as possible in making packaging but without compromising the essential information, you need about the product.

    #2 Recycle Bottles (more than once)

    The plastic bottles cause concerns to many customers but let us lay your mind to rest – we treat empty plastic bottles as valuable and important components of our business.

    That means our drivers collect ALL plastic bottles and return them to your nearest depot. These bottles then undergo a process of sterilisation so that they are refilled and then redistributed to our customers.

    #3 NEVER Landfill

    And we can say this with confidence.

    Unfortunately, as robust as our plastic bottles are, their life is not infinite, and after undergoing sterilisation and re-filling several times, they become too weak to continue.

    But, they NEVER go to landfill. Plastic bottles that have come to the end of their lives are taken to a specialist hub where they are recycled.

    And guess what they become? Strong, sturdy plastic bottles ready for another life as part of our business!

    #4 One label for life

    We invest in technology that enhances the services and products we offer our customers. And we are proud to have invested in leading technology that means, despite several sterilisation methods that involve heat, the label on our bottles lasts for the lifetime of the bottle.

    No need to print more labels. No need to invest in chemical adhesive.

    #5 Constantly strive to reduce emissions

    Clearly, like all businesses, we take our carbon footprint seriously. As a business with a large delivery network, it makes sense – financially as well as for the environment – to run a fleet of delivery vehicles that are modern.

    Not only do we try and limit and decrease the number of miles travelled, but we also maintain a large network of depots that mean your water is more local than you think.

    #6 Managed water sources

    Water sources not only need to be sustainable, but they also need to be managed too. Drawing water too quickly from one source can lead to all kinds of problems, including instability in the surrounding ground and soil.

    We do not use insecticides or pesticides on our managed land, as these will eventually filter through the soil and rock into the watercourse beneath.

    And any excess water not used is allowed to filter back through the natural cycle, through the chalk strata on its journey back beneath the ground.

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    We know that ‘making a commitment’ can be nothing more than lip service. But at Waterlogic we have long understood that every part of our business is valuable, to the environment, to you and to us.

    We do constantly strive to improve every aspect of our service and products, and our commitment to protecting the environment is unwavering.

    For more information on all aspects of our business, call our team on 0333 600 1845.