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  • Water Delivered Direct to your Office

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    Water Delivered Direct to your Office

    Your business is a busy place. A thriving hub of activity and productivity, there is so much going on that the thought of having to think about, let alone organise, regular deliveries of bottles for the water dispenser is not a job you – or anyone- will relish. So, why bother? Tap water is not what you think It is true to say that here in the UK, we are fortunate to enjoy some of the highest quality, treated drinking water, straight from the tap. This is not to be sniffed at, nor trivialised with some people in countries across the globe still drinking contaminated, bacteria-ridden dirty water that makes them ill or, at worst, kill them. As the giver of life, water is needed by everyone every day in order to keep the body hydrated, supple and healthy. But, the process of delivering safe drinking water to your home and your place of work involves a chemical process to clean the water. As a result, there are all kinds of chemical residue left in tap water. Some research by some universities have indicated 300 chemicals, including levels of hormones as well as the addition of fluoride, known to protect against tooth decay. The problem is further exacerbated by some of the old piping that is used to connect your home or workplace to the mains water supply. Some of this piping has been underground since Victorian times, with many homes and businesses served by lead piping, yet to be replaced. Thus, it makes sense that if you want to encourage your workforce to drink more water, you want them to drink filtered, chilled drinking water without bleach or other chemicals present in it.

    How leasing a water cooler can help

    With one eye on our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment, we make sure that your water dispense never runs dry…

    #1 The right water dispenser

    If you have a plumbed-in water dispenser, then you don’t need to worry about water deliveries. These types of dispensers are great if you have a very large workforce and don’t need to move the water dispenser around. Many businesses opt for bottle-fed water dispensers simply because they are most convenient way to deliver chilled, ambient or hot water to their employees. Every company or business uses their water dispensers at different rates which is why we do not adopt the automatic replenishment on a monthly basis. We found that this meant we were making trips to customers at a time when they didn’t need us, a waste of fuel as well as pumping CO2 into the air. If you find that you are constantly ordering more water, it may be time to invest in another bottle-fed water dispenser and the demand for clean, filtered and chilled water is out stripping supply.

    #2 Ordering more water, made simple

    As a result, we think we have designed one of the best and most responsive water ordering systems in the industry today. When you see you water is running low, and you have no more stock left you don’t need to call us or text us. You log on to our website, go to the ‘ Order more Water’ page and simply tell us what it is you want. You can also order more paper cups if you are running low on them too. It takes less than a minute!

    #3 Confirm your order

    Once we have these details, we call you to confirm that is everything you need and then we put your order into our system. We organise our deliveries so that we can visit as many other businesses within your area on the same day. This cuts down on cost as well as carbon emissions but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your water dispenser will run dry. We will have your water to you within a matter of days, all delivered from a local Angel Spring depot.

    #4 Recycle

    Plastic water bottles are not a one-use item either. We sanitise all the water bottles we collect from businesses and re-fill them. We carry on doing this for as long as this is a viable, hygienic option. When a water bottled is no longer able to function, we send our plastic bottles for recycling. Who knows? They possibly come back as a revitalised water bottle… Friendly and knowledgeable, we make sure that our staff understand your needs and ensure your order for more water is processed quickly, and water delivered hassle-free too. Learn more about our coolers in offices.