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  • How to Get More out of Water…… by Drinking it at The Right Times! 

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    How to Get More out of Water…… by Drinking it at The Right Times! 

    Water, as we know, is a liquid we ALL need and, according to various pieces of research and studies, the vast majority of us do not drink enough. Some people seem to be in the habit of consuming more fluid in a day than others, and yet some people seem to survive quite adequately on a cup of tea here, and another small drink later in the day etc. But, on the surface we all may ‘look’ the same, it can soon become apparent by carrying out our own water-drinking ‘experiment’ that increasing the amount we drink, and when, can have a real and very positive impact on the way we feel and function in the day.

    Why do some people not drink enough?

    There are time, however, when it seems impossible not to be able to drink more than we do. Work - busy, fractious, tense, non-stop – can mean that getting time to drink is difficult; remembering to drink within this time frame when there is so much else to do and, admit it, we all know that we drink IN, needs to come OUT… and for some people, running back and forth to the loo every 5 minutes can be more than an inconvenience!

    But, drinking water at the right time, can be a huge help in ensuring you get the maximum impact from re-hydrating. And it seems from studies and experiments that one of the best times to drink water is first thing in the morning…

    Sleep and hydration

    Our bodies are complex ‘machines’; finely balanced, they need all the right ingredients and bits of ‘fuel’ in order to function at their best. They can ‘survive’ in some cases, where some things are lacking but we all know that a good night’s sleep, good food and exercise all make us feel and function much better.

    Fluid is one of these key ingredients in ensuring that our bodies are able to function. We need sleep too, even though we once thought that this was to rest the brain, it now seems that sleep is to rest us physically as the bran is just as active as we sleep, as is it when our eyes are open! It seems strange to think we concentrate and focus our minds as we sleep, but we do.

    But something else happens as we sleep. Slowly, over the course of an eight period of shut-eye, we dehydrate. Not because we sweat profusely or any such thing, but because our bodies need fluid in order to function. Just like driving a car down the road, or letting it idle on the driveway consumes fuel, albeit at a slower rate, our bodies consume water.

    However, we don’t drink as we sleep. And so, it seems that on waking we should replenish this fluid store within us immediately. Those that do this say that it helps their energy levels no end; it stops them sliding, making the rest of the day far easier in terms of maintaining these energy levels.

    How much?

    Various studies seem to point out that 16oz of water drank at the point you wake up is the optimum amount. There are also various scientific studies that suggest, depending on weight and height etc. that some people could and should consume more, but opting to drink 16oz is a great way to start your day…

    1. Your metabolism is the speed at which your body works internally, as it processes food and liquid etc., throughout the day. Drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning, it is suggested, gives your metabolism a significant boost!
    2. When you awake from an 8-hour sleep, you are technically dehydrated, although it is true that we rarely wake up thirsty!
    • Kidneys are the organise that process and discard all the toxins within the body; they work incredibly hard, especially when we drink alcohol and so water is beneficial in helping the kidneys flush out toxins etc. Doing this first thing in the morning is known to be beneficial to kidney function.
    1. The brain, the most important organ in the body, is 75% water; if you are not hydrated to a decent level, your brain may not function to the best of its ability. If you suffer from sudden drops in mood or concentration, drink water!
    2. And, for many us, maintaining a healthy weight is a daily battle but, many people who drink water at the right time, from a large glass first thing in the morning and maintaining hydration levels through the day, will tell you that drinking plenty of water makes them eat less! Thirst is commonly mistaken for hunger…

    The human body is 72% water…

    … and yet, we seem to starve it of the very thing that it needs most – water to maintain its smoothing running and functioning throughout the day.

    So why not kick start your day with a large glass of water? You will be amazed at how great you start to feel and how quickly this new habit will stick!