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  • Water is Essential for Exercise – Even in Winter

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    Water is Essential for Exercise – Even in Winter

    If you’re into exercise and keeping fit, you’ll know that good health cannot simply be put on hold in the winter months – quite the contrary. Unlike many animals who take to hibernating in the winter, we humans can’t simply crawl into our beds until spring comes around – as much as many of us would no doubt like to do! Instead we have to endure the cold weather and keep marching on. Although having said that, many of us will of course be guilty of taking the lifting-mugs-to-our-mouths approach to exercise, possibly interspersed with the occasional trip to the kitchen or bathroom. Hardly strenuous. But for you brave souls who continue jogging or cycling each day, it is important to remember the importance of water, rather than those cups of coffee us not-so-committed types swear by, even in the winter months. When out in the searing heat of a summer day, we will soon end up feeling thirsty and reaching for the bottled water. But during the winter, although we may start to feel a little exhausted, we might not have the same immediate desire to quench our thirst. Despite not feeling that same need for refreshment, it is still vital to drink plenty of fluids however. If you do your exercise at the gym or swimming pool, you will obviously not have to worry about the cold. To get the best out of your workout, drink plenty of water before and after exercise. People going swimming to do their exercise in the winter months should also bear in mind they too need to drink plenty of water. It can be the last thing on your mind when you’re surrounded by the stuff, but don’t forget your H 2O!