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  • Water Exercise is a Great Way to Get Fit

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    Water Exercise is a Great Way to Get Fit

    Exercise is essential, but for many people there may be reasons why you feel you can’t participate in many activities. That’s where exercising in water can help. For example, for those suffering from arthritis, water exercise can be a great way to get healthy whilst reducing the impact and general wear and tear on joints that typically occur with out-of-water exercise. Similarly, exercising in water can be very beneficial for those suffering with back troubles. This is because it removes a lot of the pressure on parts of the body, as it helps reduce a person’s weight while in the water. Whilst many exercises will be off limits for pregnant women, water aerobics and other water based activities could be a great way for them to exercise during those often-difficult nine months. But if you’re pregnant, remember to err on the side of caution and consult your doctor before taking up any exercise or other lifestyle changes. Of course, you will know what your body is capable of and what it is currently the limit to your physical activity during pregnancy. A more moderate level of exercise is definitely recommended as a way to exercise, and also provide support for your leg and back. Water aerobics is also claimed to help women prepare for labour as well as gestation. Having said all that, water exercise can be a great way for even the most healthy of people to take part in too. Water aerobics is very versatile, and can be just as intense as many forms of non-water exercise. A few words of advice though: Just because you are exercising in water, don’t forget to actually drink enough of it – although not the stuff you’re exercising in of course! Hydration is vital for any exercise whether on land or in the water. Latest news from Angel Springs, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.