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  • Water Facts to Make You Think

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    Water Facts to Make You Think

    Around 70% of the adult human body consists of water – a fact that surprises many people, not least those who slept through biology lessons in high school! Even more surprisingly, a newborn baby is made up of around 80% water. Oddly, the human body mirrors the surface composition of Earth, which is about 70% water. Healthy people tend to drink around three litres of water a day. Most people drink from water coolers at work, while many prefer hot drinks such as tea. Gauging precisely how much water should be consumed each day can be difficult, in part because the water content of hot drinks is rarely measured. According to official health sources, drinking around eight cups of water a day is ideal for most people, especially those who work in relatively sedentary jobs. People who work in physical jobs, exercise routinely or spend time in hot environments will usually need to drink more water. Strangely enough, drinking too much water can actually be as dangerous as drinking too little. Water intoxication is far more uncommon than dehydration, but its consequences are often fatal. Symptoms usually present after people drink large quantities of water in a short period of time. The condition often affects long-distance runners who unwisely drink too much water before a big run, not ordinary people who fill up from the office water cooler for a mid-morning refresh! Pure water is entirely PH neutral at 7, making it neither alkaline nor acidic. Water also has the ability to dissolve more substances than any other known liquid. In addition, the liquid transports vital minerals, chemicals and nutrients around the body; indeed, about 83% of a person's blood consists of water. Have these fast facts given you a thirst for knowledge, or inspired you to drink more water?

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