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  • Water filters – Standard and Advance Options

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    Water filters – Standard and Advance Options

    Have you noticed how your tea or coffee has a metallic taste?

    Ever noticed a faint odour of chlorine when you pour a glass of cold water straight from the tap?

    Concerned at the level of impurities and chemical residue that stay within treated water?

    If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you are not alone. For those who are connoisseurs of tea or coffee will know that not only is there an optimum temperature for a brew, there is also the need to use as pure water as possible too.

    Filtered water can be hard to come by and although some manufacturers of domestic kettles boast of internal filters, they are nothing like the Bestmax solution we include – as standard – in all our hot water boilers.

    What makes the best cuppa or the perfect coffee?

    There are several ingredients for success;

    • Water temperature – always make your tea with boiling water? Pour boiling water direct on to your coffee? STOP! By doing so you are scorching the tea leaves and the coffee granules or powder, inadvertently created a bitter, burnt taste. Water, say, experts, should be around 92°, and this does not mean boiling it and waiting for it to cool – it means not boiling it in the first place.
    And guess at what temperature our hot water dispenser heat and dispense water at? Yes, that’s right, the perfect temperature of 92°…
    • The quality of the product being used – buy the best quality tea or the best quality coffee that you can afford. Keep coffee in the fridge (with instant coffee there is no need) and your tea in a sealed, airtight container to preserve the locked in flavour as much as possible.
    • Water purity – we are fortunate to have safe drinking water direct from the tap, but the chemical cleaning process leaves a residue as does the natural filtration process through the rock over the years. We don’t need the sand and impurities, but we need the minerals that are in the water.

    Sate of the art technology in every cuppa

    Before we get down to the nitty-gritty technicalities of the system, we need to look at something incredibly important – the water hardness if your area.

    Impurities are not just left behind by the chemical treatment process; they are in the natural filtering process that water goes through as it passes through rock and sub-strata. Depending on the nature of the rock that it passes through will depend on whether water in the UK is classed as hard or soft water.

    Unsure? Take a look at this map but we also perform a quick test so that we can use the Bestmax technology to its optimum.

    The Bestmax technology

    Wouldn’t it be great if, through a series of reliable and safe filters, etc., the water you drink is as pure and filtered as it possibly can be? The impact of this will be immediately obvious – no ‘slicks’ on the surface of your coffee, no metallic taste, no odd-tasting tea – just great tasting hot drinks each and every time.

    The Bestmax mains-fed is perfect for so many customers. As the advanced option, it is one that most people opt for because, simply, it guarantees the best cuppa each and every time. The standard mains filters do much the same job, but the Bestmax technology captures, even more, impurities, as well as any odours that linger in the water.

    What is Bestmax?

    As a technology, it is at the forefront of European drinks manufacturers and has been for some time. It is a technology that is relied upon and converted, which makes perfect sense for our customers in the domestic market.

    After testing the water in your area, the Bestmax filter is adjusted so that it offers you the optimal filtration of water. For example, in hard water areas, there may be natural impurities present that is not in soft water areas.

    As well as being the smart filter trusted by Europe’s best high street hot drink providers, this filtration system offers;

    • Clear, clean, mineral-rich drinking water every time
    • It extends the life of your eco boiler or aquatic, making it the perfect investment
    • It provides optimum water quality for the perfect hot drink
    • Allows the settings of the filtration system to match the water in your area, and to do so exactly

    As a discerning customer, you will want the detail on this innovative water filtration technology which is why we have created an informative animation.

    Better still, it is in the hot water dispenser you will choose for your business… taste the difference.

    Learn more about our water filters.