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  • Water for Your Office - Solutions for your Business

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    Water for Your Office - Solutions for your Business

    There are various amenities and facilities that, as an employer, you are expected to provide. From toilet facilities to a kitchen area with, amongst other things, the means for employees to heat their food. Water is clearly important too, from handwashing to drinking and, as such, there must be a clean and plentiful supply of drinking water for your employees. In most circumstances, this is not an issue, but it can mean thinking outside the box when it comes to remote destinations and off-site facilities. As surprising as you may find this, there are some offices that make no more provision when it comes to water than the kitchen sink. This effectively means there is one tap to be shared amongst many employees.

    Is tap water alright to drink?

    As a developed country, we are fortunate to have water that is clean enough to drink – in other words, free of all nasty bacteria that can make us ill or, at worse, cause death. Many people drink tap water with no unpleasant side effects or issue.

    However, to clean it there are various chemical purifiers added, as well as other substances that some people say tastes ‘clinical’. In fact, allow water to run from a tap at some force and you may smell a ‘swimming pool’ type aroma, which is the chlorine in the water used to kills all kinds of bugs.

    Likewise, in an old building, the water will pass through pipes that are decades old, and this is something that many people do wonder about; does it affect how the water tastes?

    Is filtered, cooled water ‘better’?

    It certainly tastes better to some people, and thus, many employers will sign up to a water cooler contract that allows their staff access to an unending supply of cooler, filtered water.

    With all the impurities and chemicals filtered out, water has no smell and is a little more pleasant to the taste buds too. No hints of chlorine or any other chemical, metal-taste. Cooled or even chilled, it is a refreshing drink any time of the day.

    Which is better a stand along dispenser or a plumbed in one?

    There are options when it comes to dispensed water, some suiting some offices better than others. Clearly, there will also be the issue of the budget to consider too.

    A no-fuss, the perfect solution is a plumbed in version. This works just like a tap, but with an extra layer in-between for filtration and cooling. This is a fixed to a wall, the location of which is your choice. For some office complexes, this is the perfect solution, but for the others, the appeal of being able to move the water dispenser if needed holds more sway.

    The bottle fed dispenser is an example that can be seen in workplaces across the country. The large bottle full of delicious tasting water sits on top of the machine. There are normally two choices of tap – one for cooled and the other for chilled – but regardless of which tap is used, the water is filtered. Plugged into the mains power, this dispenser can be moved if needed.

    Is there a right place to have water dispenser?

    Most companies tend to locate their dispensers in places where it is convenient for staff to access them. For some offices, this may be close to the kitchen area.

    Other business locate theirs in the central office space, close to the entry or exit door. Another play is to have a noticeboard near to the water dispenser so that staff, as they catch up on the latest changes or news, can have a drink of water.

    Some companies experiment with the location of the water dispense and what works best.

    How often will the bottle need change?

    The bottles of water vary in size, some holding more water than others. When you call to discuss your package, we can help you decide which system will be right for you, and how many dispensers you may need. There will be nothing more infuriating than having to change the bottle every other day…

    That said, this does not mean that if your office is small, with only a few employees that the provision of cooled water is not a possibility. There is countertop dispenser that offer the same cooling and filtered process, just in a smaller package.

    Should we be encouraging staff to drink more?

    Yes. The body needs water to function, and to work well. There are all kinds of studies that suggest a hydrated body and brain is a more efficient one than a body on the cusp of dehydration.

    Have you considered the installation of a water dispenser at your workplace?