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  • Water is Great for the Immune System

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    Water is Great for the Immune System

    Most know drinking water is a healthy alternative to drinking coffee or cans of fizzy drinks. But did you know water’s health benefits extend beyond things such as hydration and can actually help with the immune system too? First and foremost, water is a natural way to detox. This is because it helps carry oxygen to all the necessary places. This is obviously vital in getting your body systems to function effectively. With all your organs and muscles working to their full capacity, your immune system should also function at its best. In reference to the idea of detox, water allows the kidneys to purify your system from harmful toxins. At the same time it carries vital nutrients to your cells, it also helps them expel any waste products. Water can also be used as I way of coping with certain ailments. For example it may help with joint problems by helping to keep joints lubricated. It is also suggested to help combat things such as depression and insomnia. This is because it may help provide the serotonin and melatonin known to be needed to help each ailment. Water is also a very helpful addition to your digestive system. As mentioned previously, it provides nutrients to your cells. In the case of your digestive system it helps it to properly digest food. Often if you do not consume enough fluids, you may find yourself struggling with constipation, or potentially even more serious digestive issues. Water also helps in the production of lymph, something essential for the circulation of white blood cells around the body – this is vital to help carry immune cells to various parts of the body in order to fight disease.