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  • Water in Summer

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    Water in Summer

    The weather is definitely starting to heat up, so how do you keep your staff healthy during the summer months? Adequate hydration is key for keeping cool. When individuals complain of feeling tired, lacking in concentration, having dry eyes and experiencing mild headaches, it can often be because of mild dehydration, which very easily occurs in the course of everyday life. Research shows that most people tend not to drink enough water. Medical health experts recommend consumption of 1.5 to two litres a day, but this needs to be taken at consistent intervals throughout the day. People who are very active, work in physically-demanding jobs, or in hot environments, might require more water than the recommended amount. To help keep your staff hydrated, make sure you place plenty of water coolers and bottled water dispensers around the working premises. These can either be run from the mains and filtered for a cool, pleasant taste, or provided via bottles of spring water. Angel Springs works with a national network of local suppliers to keep its carbon footprint low and ensure that customers receive fresh bottles of British spring water at its best. Place water coolers in the kitchen, in meeting rooms, break out areas and canteens – basically any areas where you have staff. Make sure there are cups and glasses on hand and help to raise awareness of good hydration with a staff information campaign, using posters and other devices to raise their awareness. You could also make it fun by providing water ice lollies, herbal tea bags or natural cordials to help encourage staff to reach their target water intake! Eating fruit is also a good way to stay hydrated, as fruit contains large quantities of water. It also includes plenty of vitamins and fibre, so it's a fantastic way to stay hydrated, without taking refined sugars or additives. You'll rapidly start to notice a difference in energy levels, health and well-being!

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