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  • Water in Winter – A Requirement Not An Option!

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    Water in Winter – A Requirement Not An Option!

    Do you believe there are no benefits to drinking water in winter? Don’t be so sure… That dreaded time of year is drawing near us again; soon winter will be upon us. A cold snap will hit, and people shy away from drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day. The effect is purely psychological, it’s not that they can’t or don’t want to it’s simply too cold to drink water. Normally in hot weather millions of bottles of water are sold on a daily basis, but winter is unsettling to everyone. The cold weather takes everyone out of their comfort zone and as a result we become more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. This makes it imperative to keep your body fluid levels high. In winter, drinking water can be off-putting especially if it is refrigerated – it looks and feels cold. However, constant hydration is essential because the body is mostly water; medical experts estimate as much as 70% of your body weight. Water is essential for basic bodily functions including sweating, breathing and urination, as well as regulating body temperature and keeping skin moisturised. Despite there being no requirement to position the analytical composition on water bottle labels, there is always a constant reminder to remain hydrated. Just because we don’t sweat as much in winter as we do in summer, and therefore don’t feel as thirsty, this advice should not be ignored. If you find it awkward to drink water repeatedly, do something more creative. Try having herbal tea in the morning, or a water based soup at dinner time. Don’t let the season change dictate your mood, and diminish the crucial need for water in your body. Your body will thank you!