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  • Water: The Perfect Detox Solution?

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    Water: The Perfect Detox Solution?

    If you’re one of the many people in England who will have gone away this year, you will have hopefully enjoyed some sun and sand away from our shores. You may have also indulged in one too many cocktails, but for many, that’s part and parcel of going away. Thankfully a handy detox solution could be closer than you think, especially if your office has a handy water cooler located nearby. Yes good old fashioned H 2O is considered a great way to detox yourself after a few too many cocktails, or just as a day-to-day purifier. Forget the strong black coffee to perk yourself up, and instead just head over to the water cooler or the tap where your office provides drinking water, and fill up a glass. In fact, drinking an icy cold glass of water could not only help keep your system in check, it is said to actually force the body to push on with your metabolism even more quickly than normal – a handy way of providing yourself with an extra metabolic fix. By throwing a few extras into your water, you could even help encourage further detox – unfortunately though, that doesn’t mean coffee or tea, just plain old water with the occasional supplement. Lemon is said to be a good extra to add to your water, as are herbs. Alternatively, look at adding some milk thistle, as this is believed to really help with your body’s cleansing process. Fruit and veg rich in high water content could also help your body to detox, and if you have a blender at home you can jam a few of them into the machine to make a soup if it’s particularly cold, or a tasty smoothie if the sun has made a rare appearance!