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  • Water to stay beautiful in the party season

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    Water to stay beautiful in the party season

    Want to look your best at the office party? Look to water to help you in your beauty quest! The fact is, it doesn't matter how many products, moisturisers, oils and wonder lotions you apply to your skin if you're not taking care of the inside too! Your skin is your body's largest organ and it works to cleanse and detoxify your system, regulate your temperature and protect you. So learn to love your skin in a fundamental way and reward it with hydration, vitamins and minerals. You can stay hydrated by visiting the office water coolers every so often and sipping a glass of cold fresh water. Aim for around eight of these a day or more if you work in a physical or active profession. Bottled water dispensers are also an excellent option and tend to be dotted around offices and reception areas. Fill up a Thermos if necessary. Hot drinks also count, but opt for herbal and fruit teas rather than caffeine or sugar-based drinks. Hot water and lemon is also a classic combination for the colder days and really helps to cleanse your system and stimulate your digestion. Remember to eat plenty of water too in the form of fruits and vegetables. Hot vegetable soups and smoothies are great examples, along with salads and fruit salads. Remember that you can mix these with hot foods such as eggs, chicken, fish and other sources of protein, allowing you to stay warm whilst feeding your skin and body. Avoid refined sugar, additives, white grains and other toxins and you'll start to see a real difference in your skin and overall appearance. Avoid drinking too much and make sure you get enough sleep and exercise (ideally walking in the fresh air). You'll really shine when your Christmas party comes around, whether or not you choose to invest in beauty products or let your natural glow shine through! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.