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  • Water Watchers

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    Water Watchers

    Many people are trying to lose a few pounds in the run-up to summer, but have you considered the vital role that water plays in your bid to lose weight and tone up? Water is actually the forgotten aspect in a weight loss regime and yet it can be the difference between success and failure. The majority of dieters snack because they feel that they are hungry when actually they are merely thirsty. Not everyone is able to recognise the early symptoms of dehydration. A good way to check whether you're genuinely hungry when you feel the urge to snack is to drink a glass of cold water, leave it for a few minutes and see if you feel satisfied. Chances are, your desire for elevenses will have just been the first signs of dehydration. Also, drink your 1.5 litres of water a day icy cold. Why? Because it speeds up your metabolism. The body has to work harder to warm the water to your core temperature. Fill up a jug each day from the office water cooler and store some ice cubes in the communal fridge. Or, make sure your office has a chilled water cooler. If hot drinks are more your thing, head to the hot water dispenser, but fill up on herbal tea bags or fruit teas which don't have added sugars or additives. These will save you calories and some have special detoxifying effects, especially teas with nettle, dandelion or green tea, which has far less caffeine than tea or coffee. Water is also an essential ingredient in the foods you choose to eat. Opt for plenty of fruits and vegetables and you'll find that they are naturally low in calories. This is because they are largely made from water, packed with fibre, vitamins and other essential elements that will leave you looking and feeling great – all thanks to the power of H2O!

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