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  • Water way to relax

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    Water way to relax

    Drinking water can have numerous health benefits: detoxifying the blood, keeping the body hydrated and helping skin look and feel healthy. But you don’t have to physically imbibe water to enjoy its benefits: simply being near water can help the human body. It’s an odd relationship: the vast majority of our biology is water – 70% in fact. And much like an engine needs fuel, the human body needs water to function properly. As the petrol tank empties in a car, you may notice odd noises or sluggish performance, until the engine gives up and conks out completely. Without adequate hydration, the human body can suffer the same fate. But while a broken car can be fixed by a mechanic, or by replacing parts, the human body is slightly more complex. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid problems before they occur whenever possible. It’s well known that constant top-ups of water help the body to stay in top condition. Whether from office water coolers or via herbal teas from hot water dispensers, water allows vital functions to regulate as they should, including everything from heat regulation and digestion to vision and cognitive processes. The body's naturally high water levels are thought to be one of the reasons why so many people are naturally drawn to water sources, such as the coast, lakes, rivers and even local ponds and canals. Water is generally seen as calming influence - and a number of interesting studies have shown that being near water does in fact have measurable positive results on both the mind and body. Whilst it’s not a tasty drink, seawater in particular is packed with negative ions that can help rebalance the equilibrium. That’s why a bracing cold walk by the sea is a great way to shake off the cobwebs and feel invigorated again! Exercising in water is also one of the best things people can do to stay fit. Swimming is incredibly healthy, working all areas of the body and cardiovascular system. It’s fun, it doesn’t require any specialist equipment (except some swimwear and a local pool) and it will help your body relax. For office workers, getting up from the desk and going to prepare a drink can be a great way to grab a break, de-stress and keep healthy. Avoiding caffeine and sticking to natural, unsweetened drinks, like plain water, will break up the day, suppress snack cravings, and add a healthy boost to your routine.

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