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  • Waterlogic 3 Freestanding Water Dispenser

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    Waterlogic 3 Freestanding Water Dispenser

    Our Waterlogic 3 freestanding water dispensing combines cutting edge technology with a professional and sleek design to bring a high-tech and powerful hydration solution to homes, offices and public spaces. Features of our Waterlogic 3 Freestanding Water Dispenser The Waterlogic 3 freestanding water dispenser combines an unrivalled number of features that outclasses other water coolers available on the market. The machines have options to provide the following water options:

    • Cold and Ambient
    • Cold, ambient and sparkling
    • Extra hot, cold and ambient
    • Extra hot, cold and sparkling.

    Here is a summary of some of the features of our innovative Waterlogic 3 freestanding water dispensers:

    • Mains fed
    • Sleek design in stylish black
    • Firewall UV purification technology
    • Anti-microbial protection
    • Carbon filtration

    One of the most significant benefits of our Waterlogic 3 machines is the innovative Firewall UV purification method, which will be explained in more detail below.

    Firewall UV Purification

    The Waterlogic 3 freestanding water dispenser uses Firewall UV purification technology. Ultraviolet (or UV) purification works by installing a UV lamp in the water purification system. The UV light destroys the DNA core of bacteria, which eliminates harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and Hepatitis.

    This UV purification method is one of the most advanced in water purification technology, and we are proud to use it in our water dispenser systems.

    How Does UV Purification Work?

    Ultraviolet radiation is delivered in three bands of intensity; UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA is commonly known as the radiation that causes suntan, UVB is recognised as the radiation that causes sunburn and UVC is a less commonly known radiation intensity. It is UVC radiation that is effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses. It is the energy emitted in UVC radiation in the most effective wavelength to combat microorganisms.

    The Benefits of UV Purification

    UV purification systems in water coolers require minimal maintenance. The UV lamp will need to be replaced every six months, which will take place during the periodic bi-annual cleaning of the machine.

    UV purification technology also means that there is no need to add toxic and expensive chemicals to the water to purify it. This assures you of a clean, fresh-tasting glass of water every time, with no nasty chemicals.

    The lamps can be scalable to treat as much water as is necessary at a very low cost compared to other purification methods.

    What is Firewall?

    Firewall is a patented name for the latest unrivalled purification technology. Firewall ensures that the UV lamp is positioned as close to the point of dispense as possible. This means that germs, viruses, and bacteria are eliminated immediately before the water is dispensed.

    The Benefits of the Waterlogic 3 Freestanding Water Dispenser

    We all know how important it is to keep hydrated to ensure our bodies stay healthy and our minds stay alert and fully functioning. If you do not drink enough water throughout the day, you will become dehydrated which can cause dizziness, headaches, muscle spasms and fatigue.

    One of the key elements of ensuring hydration is to make drinking water enjoyable; this can be done by making sure the water has a great taste. The Waterlogic 3 dispenser uses the latest technology to provide the purest drinking water. This means that our purified water will infinitely taste better and smell better as the water dispensers remove chlorine and bacterial contaminants to ensure a perfectly pure taste.

    Drinking contaminated water can cause illness and weaken the immune system, the Waterlogic 3 has ensured that all exposure to toxins is removed by creating a robust purification system with ground-breaking technology. By drinking the purified water from the Waterlogic 3 water dispenser, there is minimal risk of exposure to both physical and chemical toxins. The water dispenser technology ensures that harmful contaminants are filtered out.

    Technical Requirements of the Waterlogic 3 Freestanding Water Dispenser

    The attractive and robust design of the Waterlogic 3 freestanding water dispenser, means that it can be displayed proudly in any area and the benefit of being freestanding means you do not have to worry about your furniture requirements.

    The Waterlogic 3 freestanding water dispenser requires a floor space of 385mm x 365mm and standing at a height of 1140mm. The weight of the machine is 33kg.

    To install the machine, you will need to have a 13A switched socket which needs to be within one metre of the machine. As the machine is plumbed into your water supply, the machine needs to be supplied with water from a rising main. If possible, this pipework needs to be within a metre of the machine. However, the service team will be able to offer solutions to install the machines in most locations.

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