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  • Waterlogic WL2500 Freestanding Water Dispenser

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    Waterlogic WL2500 Freestanding Water Dispenser

    The Waterlogic WL2500 freestanding water dispenser is a must-have hydration solution for any busy environment. This large capacity machine means it is a perfect solution for busy offices, visitor areas and public spaces. The Waterlogic WL2500 machine has two options;

    • Cold only
    • Extra hot and cold
    • This means that you can have an easy and efficient water dispenser to suit all your requirements. The machine has a large capacity, so you be provided hot water instantly, without the need to wait for a kettle to boil.

      These practical and robust machines mean that everyone can have access to high-quality, filtered water at a temperature of their choosing. These dispensers have a range of features to ensure premium quality. These features include:

      • Carbon filtration
      • UV filtration
      • BioCoteĀ® anti-microbial protection
      • large drip tray
      • modern and stylish silver and charcoal grey design

      How the Waterlogic WL2500 Freestanding Water Dispenser Works

      These machines require a supply of water from a rising main as well as a proximity to a 13A switched socket for power.

      1. Water enters the machine and reaches a water control valve for safety.
      2. Water continues through a tube to the Micron filter
      3. The filtered water then travels through the pipe until it reaches an electronic control valve
      4. The water pipe splits for hot and cold water
      5. In the hot water tank, a heating element heats the water, when it reaches a required temperature the water will be dispensed once the hot water button is pressed on the machine
      6. The cold-water tank features a UV sterilising chamber to further purify the water.
      7. Once the button on the dispenser has been pressed, cold water travels from the tank through the pipes to the drinking vessel.
      Installation Requirements for the Waterlogic WL2500 Freestanding Water Dispenser

      These water dispensers are a great addition in places of high people traffic, such as corridors, visitor lounges and canteens. As they are freestanding, you do not require any furniture to place the machines on top of.

      The Waterlogic WL2500 requires a floor space of 345mm (width) x 367mm (depth) and reaches a height of 1030mm.

      For a quick and easy installation, the dispenser needs to be within one metre of a 13A (240 AC) switched socket.

      As these machines are plumbed to a rising main water supply, the pipe should ideally be less than one metre away from the machine. As well as this, the pipework must be terminated with a 15mm BS1010 stopcock.

      Do not worry if you are not sure of this location or the pipework, our in-house service team are highly-trained and will be able to offer a variety of solutions to install the water dispensers in the majority of locations.

      Benefits of the Waterlogic WL2500 Freestanding Water Dispenser

      The WL2500 water dispenser is the ideal solution for busy areas as it holds a large capacity and can dispense 60 cups of water per hour. Not only does it have a large capacity, but it also features a 1.4-litre capacity drip tray. This means the area should stay clean and professional-looking at all times and will not need to be emptied so regularly.

      The Waterlogic WL2500 freestanding water dispenser will always look inviting and tidy, thanks to its large capacity drip tray that ensure all accidental spills and overpouring are confined to the drip tray.

      With this water dispenser, you can be assured of the highest-quality and purest drinking water as the system features three purification strategies; carbon filtration, UV purification and anti-microbial protection. These three systems remove all impurities to ensure safe, clean and fresh-tasting drinking water.

      Have A Watercooler Moment

      Water dispensers are often criticised for attracting employees to gossip and distract them from their work. However, having a watercooler moment may be beneficial to colleagues, visitors and customers. Informal talking at the watercooler can help colleagues and customers to build better working relationships and expand their networks.

      By using informal chats in a mutual location, such as the water dispenser, can help people to better understand their conversant, particularly with understanding a wide range of beliefs and interests. These chats can help to broaden your mind and could pay dividends as you may find yourself in need of a subject matter expert. By readily talking while ensuring your hydration, your social and work network could expand helping you to discover new hobbies, new friends and new skills.

      The Waterlogic WL2500 freestanding water dispenser are best placed in busy areas, to remind people to keep hydrated. Why not ensure as well that your water dispenser will be best placed for open communication and networking?

      See our WL2500 water dispenser product page for more information.