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  • Water's Role in Natural Beauty

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    Water's Role in Natural Beauty

    Did you know that water is essential for maintaining beauty? It doesn't matter how many fancy products you apply to your skin, if you don't keep hydrated from the inside, you will be unable to attain the same healthy glow that comes from consuming sufficient quantities of water each day. Many people make the mistake of thinking that oils are important for hydrating their skin. Many moisturisers will contain oils, but their role is to prevent water from evaporating from the skin's upper layers and causing it to become dry and lined. Oils are certainly no substitute for water. The key is to keep your skin hydrated and fresh with a regular intake of fresh, natural water. Your skin is your body's largest organ. It cleanses and detoxifies your body, so liquids that you can take to support this natural process are usually beneficial. Try filling up a jug at work from the office’s mains-fed water cooler, and adding a slice of lemon or mint for a fresh taste. Several ice cubes can add a restaurant feel to your drink! Your skin will start to look more healthy and radiant as it cleanses from within and stays hydrated. By incorporating more fruit, vegetables and natural oils, such as avocado and olive oil, you'll start to notice a real difference. Your skin is basically an external indicator to the world of your health and vitality and you'll find other people starting to comment as your healthy new regime kicks in and starts to show effects. It is incredible that all this can be achieved by regularly topping up your water jug at the office mains fed water coolers. Forget expensive beauty products and complex regimes, drinking two litres of fresh water a day will pay dividends in no time.

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