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  • Ways employers can help their staff to lose weight

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    Ways employers can help their staff to lose weight

    Healthy, happy, enthusiastic, and productive; these are words every company wants to use when describing its employees. Healthier, hydrated employees are more cost efficient. They miss less days of work and call in sick less often. Happier employees will perform better at work and display a more positive attitude to tasks they are given. Employees with a higher morale and more enthusiasm are more productive. They feel better about themselves and take more pride in their work. Weight loss is one thing that can greatly improve the way people feel about themselves which improves performance. Not only self esteem benefits from weight loss, overall health will see a major improvement and energy levels are also raised. In most businesses, particularly sedentary occupations, the majority of workers would like to lose some amount of weight, so if you can offer them assistance in this your business will reap the rewards of healthier, happier employees, who will appreciate the help and support you’re offering them in their weight loss mission. Ideas to help employees to lose weight are listed below:

    1. A Water Cooler- Access to fresh cold water will help to keep employees moving and burn calories when they go to refill, and will suppress their appetite, as often we eat when we are only thirsty. In addition keeping refreshed and hydrated can raise metabolism meaning we burn calories faster. A water cooler will be convenient and stop workers using the vending machine for fizzy drinks every time they need refreshment.

    2. Catering - If your workplace has a catering kitchen, this should provide healthy salads and fresh fruit enabling workers to make healthy choices. If there are vending machines at work – get rid of them. This may be an unpopular decision at first but as workers waistbands shrink they’ll thank you for it.

    3. Companies often have sponsored events in aid of charity and to help raise their profile in the local area. Instead of a sponsored cake sale why not take the healthy option and sign up for a fun run or half marathon. Encourage employees to take part and make it a fun, social occasion and you’re more likely to get a positive response. Remember that some workers will not be familiar with strenuous exercise, and need encouragement so make it an option to walk and walk alongside them to show solidarity.

    4. A weight loss challenge can be embarked upon in a non-official capacity in the office, and employees may find the motivation of each other key to their success. Encouraging each other to stay strong and make the right food choices is important, and people will be spurred on by watching the success of those around them.

    5. Support. Encouraging comments can go further than you might think, and people who have been striving to lose weight will feel a boost if they think someone has noticed.

    Don’t be critical of those who fall off the wagon, but always commend those who are trying hard and comment when you can see a difference in their appearance. People’s appearance is key to their self esteem and having employees who are confident in themselves will only help your business in the long term.