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  • Weight Watchers Should Watch What They Drink

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    Weight Watchers Should Watch What They Drink

    People aiming to lose a few pounds before the summer holidays begin should not be surprised to gain a few instead if their sole focus is food. Cutting back on snack foods, poor meal choices and sweet treats can result in weight loss, but one area that many people overlook is hydration. Two aspects of hydration are particularly important when it comes to good diet and weight loss: frequency and type. Water is essential for human health. Hydrating the body requires little more effort than downing up to eight pint glasses of water a day. The body needs around 1.5 litres of water in every 24-hour period and unsurprisingly, water is the best source. When dehydration occurs, people can feel hungry, depressed and fatigued: classic symptoms of most weight-loss programmes. It is for this reason that water should be consumed when dieters feel hungry between meals. A glass or two of cold water, preferably dispensed from mains fed water coolers, can help to take the edge off hunger while preserving a person's appetite for non-sugary foods. The other important aspect of hydration pertains to an individual's choice of drinks. Few people consider the calories contained in tea, coffee, cappuccinos, juice, wine, beer, cocktails and fizzy drinks, but these are sometimes obscenely unhealthy. Sugary drinks can cause serious long-term damage to the human body. At best, a glass or two of cola with every salad will not facilitate weight loss. At worst, it might contribute to the development of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. In summary, drinking sufficient quantities of water can help people stay hydrated. Hydration can improve weight loss in numerous ways. Sourcing water from mains fed water coolers is significantly cheaper and more refreshing than spending money on drinks containing lots of sugar or chemicals. Healthy hot drinks such as herbal tea can also be made with a water boiler for increased variety.

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