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  • Why a water cooler will help your staff this summer

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    Why a water cooler will help your staff this summer

    There's nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky in summer and, conversely, nothing more satisfying than the taste of cold, fresh water on a warm day. For staff working in stuffy offices, the need to stay adequately hydrated is imperative; without regular water, energy levels dip, lethargy sets in and low-level ailments such as headaches and irritation can kick in. With our bodies made up of around 70% water, it is hardly surprising that a regular supply of this life essential is so important. Despite parts of the health industry trying to encourage all of us to drink at least eight glasses of fresh water a day, many of us are failing to do so. Some resort, instead, to sugary drinks which simply provide unnecessary calories and exacerbate certain health issues (some studies have suggested that carbonated drinks can have a detrimental effect on bone density over time). Others choose coffee, which acts as a diuretic and actually encourages the body to release more water. While some 'health drinks' purport to offer additional ingredients and additives which may or may not be beneficial to health, the fact remains, that the cheapest, healthiest and tastiest way to stay hydrated, is to enjoy cold, fresh, honest water. This doesn't need to be expensive. Bottled water coolers are economic choices for offices, particularly in contrast with individual water bottle purchases. Our bottled water coolers also offer 'green' benefits. They are sourced from local spring suppliers and distributed via a national network to minimise travel miles and the associated carbon footprint. Other solutions are available, such as mains fed water coolers, which plug directly into the mains water supply and chill and filter it so that it tastes as perfectly natural as fresh, clean water should. These are to be found dotted around canteens, office breakout areas, corridors and reception areas, ensuring that both staff and customers can benefit on a hot day.

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