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  • Why Drinking Sufficient Water is Essential

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    Why Drinking Sufficient Water is Essential

    Most people realise that it's important to stay hydrated, but few understand exactly how much water is needed for optimum well-being. The truth is that calculating recommended daily amounts for everyone is an inexact science. General guidance suggests that consumption of around 1.5 litres a day is ideal to avoid dehydration and this is best taken in small stages throughout the day. People who have active or physical jobs may need far greater amounts of water to stay healthy and avoid dehydration, however, especially when temperatures rise. It's wise to develop a culture of good health and well-being within the workplace. Firms will see the effects of such work, with lower sickness and absence, greater staff morale and improved productivity. Consider launching an employee ownership team to develop 'campaign' areas for health within the company and support their work in practical ways. For example, you could agree to place bottled water coolers in breakout areas, main meeting rooms, canteens and receptions so that a regular and easy supply of cold fresh water is always available. You could even provide small travel sports-cap water bottles alongside the bottled or mains-fed water coolers for staff heading off-site for their working day so that they can fill up and stay hydrated on the road. For hot drinks, consider a time, money and energy-saving eco boiler, and provide a range of herbal tea bags and fruit teas to help encourage adoption of healthy drinks rather than resorting to caffeine fixes. Aim to educate people. Put up informational posters in the canteen and kitchen areas and consider inviting an organisational well-being consultant to talk to staff about ways to stay healthy in the workplace. From cycling initiatives through to healthy canteen food, staff discounts at the gym and other staff-led incentives, water plays an essential part in getting the most from your employees.

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