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  • Why drinking water can help your summer diet

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    Why drinking water can help your summer diet

    If you are dieting for a summer holiday, you are probably focussed on your food. But did you know that drinks can be the most damaging source of calories in your diet? No matter how carefully you plan your meals, if you are taking in extra sugars, fats and additives from sweet drinks, especially fizzy beverages and alcohol, you will find yourself facing a losing battle with your waistline. Among the worst offenders are cocktails and takeaway coffee products. With cocktails, the worst ingredients are milk, cream, ice-cream and any added dairy products in general, which add both calories and fat. Mixes of alcohol and sweet fruit juice provides extra calories and the booze depletes vitamins from your body, including the especially beneficial vitamin B, which helps you to fight stress and metabolise food. Cocktails may taste delicious, but they are usually packed with a mix of spirits. Ironically, as with other kinds of alcohol, these will ultimately dehydrate you, as your body seeks to expel it from your system as a toxin. Coffee has a similar diuretic effect and can stress your adrenal glands when taken in excess, leaving you with a jittery feeling, rapid heartbeat and trouble sleeping. It can also prevent absorption of vitamins. When you buy take-out flavoured coffee products with extra syrup shots, cream on top, flavourings and full milk, you are also consuming a lot of extra calories. Ask to see the nutritional information from the retailer before purchase. To lose weight, you might prefer to drink the water from the office’s water coolers. Whether from the mains fed water coolers at work or from your tap at home, water is cheap, plentiful and excellent for your health. Regular water consumption will help you feel full, energetic and in good health. In fact, one great dieting tip is that if you feel hungry, you should try drinking a big glass of water before heading to the fridge, as the feeling of hunger is often the body's way of communicating thirst.

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