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  • Why ice-cold water will help keep you slim this summer

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    Why ice-cold water will help keep you slim this summer
    Many people are looking to lose a few extra pounds over summer, but did you know that water plays a huge part in losing weight? Water helps to control appetite, so when you think you feel hungry, you should head to the office water coolers for a large glass of icy cold water, or to the water boiler for a herbal tea. Drink it, wait for twenty minutes and you may just find that your appetite has gone. DDon’t be tempted to grab a snack in the meantime: your body's signals are sometimes misinterpreted, and what is actually thirst may feel very much like hunger. If after 20 minutes you still feel hungry, you can eat or snack knowing it’s what your body wants. Another tip is to drink water at an icy cold temperature. This has an additional benefit for slimmers: it increases the body’s metabolism. This is because the body has to work harder to warm the water, and all the while it will be burning calories. If hot water is more your preference, try one of the new mint and chilli teas available. The chilli has the same metabolism-boosting effect and will help you boost your healthy efforts! Water also helps people to feel full throughout the day and rebalances the palette so that sweet foods and junk foods become less attractive. It's also a great beautifier, detoxing your skin and body and helping you feel and look wonderful. So, commit to drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout the day and see how it benefits you. If plain water really isn't to your taste, experiment with additions such as low sugar cordial, a splash of fresh fruit juice, a mint leaf or a lemon slice, and gradually wean yourself off flavourings until you start to enjoy the natural and clear taste of water itself.
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