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  • Why is Maintaining Hydration Important?

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    Why is Maintaining Hydration Important?

    It may be easy to keep hydrated at home, with the kettle in close reach, or in the office, with bottled water coolers in the canteen or kitchen. But how do you stay hydrated on the go, and why should you bother? Well, hydration is essential if you're doing anything active. You'll notice the effects of dehydration very quickly when you feel sluggish, tired and lethargic. Dehydration also impairs performance if you're doing active sports or fitness activities whilst out and about. Water helps to regulate body temperature through sweating, which is why sportspeople will always have bottled water on hand to top up their levels. To stay hydrated during the working week, top up a water bottle  first from the office bottled water coolers and carry it with you in a bag. You can reuse an existing bottle, or buy a screw-top bottle specifically for this. Look for plastic, metal or aluminium, which are robust and easy to clean. Avoid glass unless it's toughened, or you're confident that there won't be any accidents en route! If you're going to be drinking whilst on the go, look for sports cap water bottles – these stop you from breathing in excess air whilst you drink (if you do this, it can lead to discomfort and a stitch, especially when running). These come in a range of sizes and you can also buy special water packs for running or hiking. For colder days, remember that adequate hydration is still key. A Thermos flask is great for taking with you on a walk and you'll be able to stop at a suitable point for your still-hot cup of tea, coffee or chocolate. If you're using herbal teas in the flask, you might want to keep one handy just for peppermint. Its flavour and aroma are delicious, but it also tends to permeate the flask, flavouring other drinks for quite some time!

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