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  • Why Mars Needs a Water Cooler!

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    Why Mars Needs a Water Cooler!

    The news has set the world alight and nothing will douse the flames of excitement. Water on Mars means so many things in so many different ways that it is hard to explain them all, from a planet that humans could colonise to life already being there. It also means one other thing - Mars could be the perfect place for a water cooler. Once the one-way astronauts arrive in a few years time, it will be a busy place indeed. As excited and happy as we all are about the discovery of H²O on the Red Planet there is a downside: it is salt water, therefore, will need some filtration and cleaning before it is safe to consume by a human. For Martians, of course, this may be different matter.

    The power of water

    It is a liquid that can bring life, and take it away too. We can be severely dehydrated in days (hours depending on the external temperature) but we can also drown in it, from being consumed beneath watery waves or drinking far too much water that we flood our internal organs.

    It can also make us ill. Water-borne bacteria are so microscopic that they cannot be seen with the naked eye but they lurk in seemingly clean water, dirty puddles, unwashed bottles and other receptacles.

    And then there are the chemicals that are added to make it safe. They too all have an impact on our health and so you see, just like Mars, we too could benefit from a watercooler at work, filtered water at home and free, clean water everywhere.

    What does water do for us?

    As we digest the news that water on Mars could also mean life on Mars, we set us wondering about how water makes a difference in people’s lives on earth but, more importantly, how drinking water makes us feel, look and behave differently.

    What tips do we have about drinking water…

    • 8 glasses/litres/pints or what in a day?

    Some articles say two litres, other say this is nonsense. Some research suggests 8 glasses but never say how big or small those glasses are. Other reports say it is all a load of tosh.

    The jury is still out in this debate but drinking water every day is vital for keeping yourself, well, essential. From well-lubricated joints to a brain saturated in water, drinking a pint of water a day, on top of all the juices, hot drinks and food will not do you any harm.

    You need to up your intake when it is hot or when you exercise, when you get a headache or when you feel hungry or thirsty.

    • Tap, bottled or filtered?

    Filtered means that all those nasty bits and bobs that can make us a bit poorly are all gone, as is the funny taste that some people have when they drink tap water. Bottled is fine but many people feel guilty about the impact of plastic bottles on the planet.

    Whichever format you choose, chilled water is best. Water should be a not taste of anything to us humans because it is neutral. For Martians, however, they may find our water bitter or salty, just as we may find their water less than pleasant.

    • Stay looking younger for longer – a real claim?

    The jury is out on this too but you will notice the difference in your skin when you are dehydrated and when you are full to the brim with hydration.

    If you feel you are looking old before your time, try upping your water intake.

    • Intelligent life

    Many people believe that we are not alone in the universe; it is just that we have not found the others yet, nor they us but when they do, they will be expecting to find an intelligent race.

    Water does not boost your IQ but, it does help your brain work better. Made up of miles of squishy grey and white matter, the brain needs water to be able to function correctly. Hence, students are allowed water in exams to keep those brain cells working.

    Lack of water affects memory and recall abilities that are why many people who are momentarily confused only need to lock lips with a glass of water.

    • Think soft plumpness

    Water is fantastic stuff but it seems that a minority of people realise this, still believing that sugar-laden drinks are the answer to their hydration needs.

    Great skin, great hair, good mood and just all round plumpness are guaranteed (almost certainly) when you stay hydrated with water. And so this is why Mars needs a water cooler: filter the salt out of it, purify it and chill it making it the tastiest, healthiest drink in the universe. Literally.