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  • Why Olympic athletes drink bottled water

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    Why Olympic athletes drink bottled water

    One of the quickest ways to lose physical strength, power and vitality, is to become dehydrated. Our bodies are two-thirds water and, whilst we can survive for days without food, we can only survive for a short period of time without vital hydration. Many of us are actually dehydrated on a day to day basis without realising it. Despite the health industry urging us to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, we are still failing to stay adequately hydrated. The results of this initially show in reduced energy levels, with a sluggish and tired feeling, headaches and physical signs such as dull-looking skin and skin blemishes. Water plays a vital regulating role in our body, transporting vital nutrients around our systems, balancing our body salts and detoxifying our organs, including the skin. This partly explains why those who drink regular amounts of bottled water or fresh water often have excellent skin. For athletes, the need for water is overwhelming. Olympic athletes are rarely seen without a bottle of water. This is because high impact sports result in rapid dehydration as water evaporates via sweat and thermogenics and needs replacing. Bottled water, or water from a water cooler, is clean, filtered and pure and often contains valuable mineral sources which help to balance the body's complex chemical processes. It is also remarkably convenient and can be carried onto the track, field or kept by the edge of a swimming pool. Many people don't realise that swimming dehydrates athletes in exactly the same way as land based activities. So if you're aiming to be healthy, strong and to embrace some of the positive lifestyle aspects of Olympic athletes, be sure to incorporate water into your regime. Together with exercise, good food, plenty of sleep and minimal stress, drinking more water could be one of the best health decisions you will ever make.

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