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  • Why You Might Be Fooling Yourself Over Hydration

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    Why You Might Be Fooling Yourself Over Hydration

    Most people realise that they should be drinking more water, but what does that mean in reality? To answer the question, it is necessary to examine the main reasons why you mistakenly think you're keeping hydrated. Alcohol is the classic example. You may drink all night, but you'll wake up feeling horribly dehydrated and ill. That's because alcohol encourages your body to release water. Many foods and drinks high in sugar, caffeine or calories are known to have a diuretic effect. This is the reason why the caffeine in tea and coffee is bad for people. Alcohol also plays a double whammy on the human body. Not only does it leave people feeling under-par and desperately in need of hydration, it also strips vitamins and minerals from the body, adding damaging sugars instead. Most drinks, especially cocktails, are packed with sugars and additives, so if you're trying to stick to a healthy diet or weight loss regime, you'll want to cut back on these calorie-laden drinks. Caffeinated drinks such as coffee and cola stress the nervous system. They also leave you dehydrated and can eventually make your skin look drawn and dull. Caffeine is also a leading cause of anxiety and tension headaches and if you've experienced an elevated pulse or slightly 'jumpy' feeling after drinking one too many espressos, it's because of the effects of caffeine on the body. Fresh, natural water sourced from the office water coolers will make your skin glow, eyes sparkle and raise your energy levels. Sipping your way through 1.5 litres a day will increase your well-being and encourage your body to eliminate toxins. You can still enjoy tea, but you ought to opt for healthy herbal and green teas from the hot water dispenser.

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