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  • Why You Still Need to Hydrate on Colder Days

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    Why You Still Need to Hydrate on Colder Days

    With summer retiring to its watery grave, the days are getting colder. During this time of high winds and heavy rainfall, water can seem less important. After all, people tend to feel less hot and in need of refreshment on cooler days. However, the human body still requires around two litres of water a day to stay healthy. This requirement increases for people who work in hot environments or physical roles. Thus, it is vital to keep topped up from the office water coolers, or nip to the bottled water dispensers as you go about your daily business. If cold water starts to seem less appealing, remember that hot drinks can also count towards your daily water requirement, as can foods containing a significant percentage of water. Avoid hot caffeinated drinks and alcohol, as these actually have a diuretic effect, which means that water gets released from your body and leaves you more dehydrated than ever! Opt instead for fruit and herbal teas, which give you valuable hydration for your day, as well as extra nutrients and helpful extras. White and green teas are also incredibly healthy. They do contain caffeine, but in lesser quantities and they provide incredibly valuable health benefits thanks to their high levels of antioxidants and protective micro-nutrients. Both of these teas can also even protect your teeth from plaque, keep your metabolism high and help you remain youthful, which is not bad for a simple drink! Other good drinks to try include fennel, nettle, raspberry leaf, chamomile and mint. With foods, you can increase your water intake by eating more fruits and vegetables. Foods containing plenty of water include watermelons, oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes, berries, lettuce, apples and grapefruit. Don't forget soups and smoothies too; not only are they packed with the vital hydration that your body craves, they are also wonderful sources of vitamins and nutrients to keep you looking and feeling your best!

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