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  • Worried About The Excess ‘Christmas Pudding’ You’ve Gained? Drink More Water!

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    Worried About The Excess ‘Christmas Pudding’ You’ve Gained? Drink More Water!

    Christmas time is typically synonymous with three things, fun, frivolity and over indulgence – especially when it comes to food and alcohol! Hold your hands up if you forced an extra mince pie, pig-in-blanket or other festive treat down your gullet, ignoring the fact you were already stuffed to the brim like a Christmas turkey? I imagine more than a few hands will be raised, and, hey, who can blame you? Christmas is the season to be jolly and all that! However now the dust has settled, many people find after a few days (maybe weeks) of indulgence over Christmas, the battle of the bulge begins in the new year – with trousers no longer fitting, dresses having to be squeezed into and generally a few extra pounds appearing everywhere except the place we want it: our bank accounts! Now while it certainly won’t be a miracle cure to those extra pounds you’ve put on, water can certainly help you combat a little bit of the excess ‘Christmas pudding’. If you substitute the occasional glass of water in place of your favourite hot beverage you’ll be doing yourself a favour to combat the weight gain. It’s even better if a glass of water replaces a muffin, doughnut or other sweet treat. Of course, we can understand the temptation to indulge in such delights! Try to avoid too many of these if possible, as they can cause issues with your blood sugar levels and we’ve all felt the come down after having that initial rush – but keeping yourself hydrated will naturally keep your energy levels up too. Look for healthy snack choices when you have lunch too, such as vegetable options and other more healthy choices, rather than crisps and cakes. Plenty of fruit and veg is a great way to eat your daily water intake, especially when you’re recovering from the season of indulgences!