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  • Zip Taps Advanced Hydration Sytems – Instant Chilled Or Boiling Water

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    Zip Taps Advanced Hydration Sytems – Instant Chilled Or Boiling Water

    Zip taps are one of the most advanced hydration systems available, built for the fast-paced and energy-saving world. These stylish and efficient faucets offer boiling, chilled or ambient water at a touch of a button. Zip taps do away with machines, and instead, the dispenser is just a small, sleek chrome-plated tap. The Zip tap allows you a sleek and stylish water system that’s perfect for meeting rooms, conference spaces, offices and refreshment stations. If counter space is at a premium, then a Zip Hydro Tap is ideal, as the tap takes minimal space at the surface and the under counter unit is well hidden to give a smart, professional and minimalistic appearance.

    The Benefits Of Zip Taps

    Stylish – Hydration taps are sleek and well designed. Adopting a minimalistic vision, these hydration taps can be installed in small spaces on counters that do not detract from the stylish design. The taps come in many different colours to suit your décor and come chrome plated for a dazzling shine that shows true quality and exceptional hosting for your staff, customers and visitors. Constant Supply – for busy spaces, you don’t have time to wait for a kettle to boil. Instead, Zip Taps are quick and convenient allowing meetings and work to resume with ease and ensuring there is never a long queue. Our innovative Zip Taps produce 240 cups an hour of fresh boiling water, eradicating the need for a slow, low volume kettle completely.

    Chilled Purified Water – as well as providing 240 cups of fresh boiled water an hour, the Zip Taps also produce 175 cups of perfectly chilled, clean and crisp-tasting purified water an hour. Zip Taps are the perfect way to refresh and hydrate, co-workers, clients, hospitality attendees and business associates. Energy Saving – As well as being ultra-stylish and easy to use, the Zip Tap dispenser also uses Power- Pulse technology to save energy, keeping running costs of your office down and being the perfect choice for eco-conscious organisations. Safety – To ensure safe pouring of water and no burns, the Zip Taps use innovative technology to make sure that hot water is poured safely and correctly. The safety lock requires finger and thumb operation to make sure that hot water is only poured when needed, no unnecessary accidents or damage. Variety – The Zip Tap is built for every meeting room, kitchen and function suite in mind. Depending on your requirements, you can find the Zip Tap in two convenient capacity sizes.

    For busy workplaces with high footfall, we have a larger unit that dispenses 240 cups of boiling water an hour and 175 cups of chilled water an hour. For places with less footfall and for hydration stations with less demand, there is a smaller unit that will deliver 160 cups of boiling water per hour and 175 cups of chilled water per hour. Versatility – as well as providing options of hot, ambient and cold water, the Hydro Taps have the possibility to be installed away from a sink, by offering an optional font if required. This means there are hardly any limits to where your Zip Tap can go.

    Reasons To Choose A Zip Tap

    When space is at a premium, Zip Taps provide the solution. To make your guests, clients, employees or anyone that visits your workplace feel comfortable and refreshed Zip Taps are essential. The demand for water and refreshments is always high, and by offering stylish water dispensing options, you are showcasing your business as one that cares about style and design and makes the experience of your organisation even better. It is important to offer accessible drink stations to make sure all of your staff and visitors are kept well hydrated, happy, healthy and performing at their best. Offering convenient refreshment options is a huge benefit to help keep the flow of the area and avoid unnecessary delays. With Zip Taps you have a choice of boiling, ambient and cold water with a large capacity, so that people can simply fill and go. No waiting for boilers to kick in or kettles to heat. Just fresh, clean, great tasting purified water on tap. With a zip tap, you are not just offering a drinks station; you are offering premium hospitality with a stylish and sophisticated set up that will give a great long-lasting impression of your business. By providing crisp, clear purified water, you are showing class and quality, which is an investment in customer care and gives an excellent representation of what your business stands for.