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  • Buy the best water coolers from Waterlogic

    Our water coolers models provide your workplace with an unlimited supply of clean, fresh and great tasting drinking water.

    Buy water coolers and dispensers from the Waterlogic range

    WL3 Firewall®

    Image of product WL3 Firewall®
    Attractive, proven and robust, the WL3 Firewall® mains-fed point of use water dispenser delivers a constant supply of the highest quality drinking water.


    • Cold, Ambient, Sparkling, Hot & Extra Hot Options
    • Hands-free operation available
    • 99.9999% pure water
    • Countertop and Freestanding
    • Touch sensitive user panel

    WL2 Firewall®

    Image of product WL2 Firewall®


    • Up to 30 users
    • Cold and hot options
    • Hands-free operation available
    • 99.9999% pure water
    • Freestanding & countertop models

    Niagara Freestanding High Volume Water Cooler

    Image of product Niagara Freestanding High Volume Water Cooler
    For businesses with a large number of staff, customers or visitors, it is inevitable that a high volume of water will need to be provided. To fulfil these requirements, you will need a high quality cold water dispenser.


    • Hands-free operation available
    • High Capacity
    • Anti-Flood Mechanism
    • Ideal For Filling Bottles, Jugs and Glasses
    • Still and Sparkling Options

    Water coolers to buy

    Buy a water dispenser and enjoy long-term benefits

    Buying a water cooler from Waterlogic allows you to enjoy the benefits of having an endless supply of high-quality drinking water, as well as the economic long-term savings for your business. Buy a water cooler from Waterlogic and ensure that you:

    • Leverage the water supply you're already paying for
    • Have an unlimited supply of purified water 
    • Save valuable floor, bench and storage space

    Why businesses buy Waterlogic water coolers

    Long-term Investment

    Buying a water dispenser not only provides you with an immediate water solution, it also guarantees a continuous supply of pure great tasting water for the future. Waterlogic offer the most flexible products for your business needs no matter what your budget.

    No Contracts

    We don’t believe in trapping you in complicated, long-term contracts. If your business is looking for a more permanent alternative to renting, Waterlogic offer you the chance to buy a water dispenser directly. This allows you to make the decisions about your budget without any pressure or compromises to you or your companies detriment.

    No Monthly Costs

    Buying a water cooler allows you to budget for a one-time payment. Through buying a water dispenser outright, you save on the fixed monthly leasing costs and maintenance fees. The initial purchase price is quickly outweighed by your monthly savings, all while providing your workplace with the best drinking water.

    Sustainable Option

    Mains-fed water dispensers are a more sustainable option that is friendlier to the environment. Removing the need for plastic bottles can help reduce your business’ plastic wastage and carbon footprint. Purchasing water solutions from Waterlogic can significantly reduce your companies environmental impact.