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  • Wall Mounted Boiler

    Wall mounted boilers are flexible and versatile making them at home in almost any working environment. The busier the company or organisation, the more effective the hot water boiler is. Their simple, instant operation is ideal for a bustling office, shop, and factory, hospital or school staff room - indeed any location where saving time and money is important. The wall mounted boiler is permanently plumbed in, saving you money on refills. It works by heating water with an electric heating element which is then effectively temperature controlled.

    • High Volume Water Boiler
    • Energy Saving Eco Mode
    • Dual Safety Protection
    • White or Stainless Steel Options

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    The economic choice

    Our range of wall mounted water boilers are permanently plumbed, electric water heaters with an insulated hot water container. Water is heated by an electric heating element and the temperature is controlled within predetermined limits. As boiling water is drawn off, the unit refills with cold water. The replenishment rate allows the element to heat the incoming water as it enters the container so that it only dispenses water at the required temperature. Any steam generated during the heat up cycle is condensed and retained within the unit.

    • Instant boiling water
    • Energy saving eco mode
    • Early warning lime-scale diagnostics
    Wall Mounted Boiler image

    Installation Requirements

    To ensure that the unit can be installed quickly and smoothly in your proposed location, each unit will require a 13A (240 AC) fused spur which should not be more than one metre from the machine.

    Each plumbed water machine needs to be supplied with water from a rising main. The pipe work should ideally be no more than one metre from the machine although our in-house service team are able to install machines in the majority of locations.

    Pipe work must be terminated with a 15mm BS1010 stopcock. Retains same footprint service connections and wall fixings as previous models.

    Capacity 167ml cups
    42 cups at a time, 210 cups per hour
    Dimensions White - H 498mm x W 350mm x D 220mm
    Stainless Steel - H 456cm x W 320mm x D 225mm
    Options Stainless Steel or White
    Water options Hot only