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  • Instant hot water taps

    Increase productivity and enjoy an endless instant supply of boiling and filtered water. Our office taps cater to all requirements with boiling, ambient and chilled water options.

    Our instant boiling water tap range


    Image of product Vi-Tap
    The elegant design combined with cutting edge technology means that the Vi-Tap is perfect for offices, kitchens and breakout areas where an attractive, high volume water dispensing solution is needed and space saving is important.


    • Stylish Design & Touch Control Dispense
    • Removable Dispense Nozzle For Improved Hygiene
    • Space Saving Design
    • Anti-Flood Detection
    • Hot, Cold & Sparkling Options

    The Legend Tap

    Image of product The Legend Tap
    Ideal for making coffee, tea and other hot drinks. A stylish addition which maximises counter space, yet has a large dispense area making it perfect for filling large cups and jugs.


    • Designed For High Use Areas
    • Robust and Reliable
    • Incorporated Water Drainage
    • Hot Water Only

    The Zip Tap

    Image of product The Zip Tap
    The Zip water dispenser supplies filtered water, on demand at the optimum temperature for cold and hot drinks all from one of the most stylish dispensers available.


    • Safety Lock Option
    • Energy Saving Techology
    • Advanced Carbon Filtration
    • Cold & Hot Water Only

    Under Counter Cold Water Systems

    Image of product Under Counter Cold Water Systems
    The under counter water units are an ideal solution for areas where under counter space is limited, but you still want top quality water.


    • Free Up Valuable Counter Space
    • Anti-Flood Mechanism
    • Range of Taps Available
    • Two Size Options
    • Cold Still & Sparkling Water Options

    The Billi Tap

    Image of product The Billi Tap
    The range of Billi hot and chilled water dispenser taps are designed and manufactured as energy efficient filtered water systems that offer customers the very best in innovation, superior performance and reliability.


    • High Grade Scale Reducing Filters
    • Advanced Carbon Filtration
    • Integrated Drip Tray
    • Cold & Hot Water Only

    Aquatap | Hydration Tap

    Image of product Aquatap | Hydration Tap
    Stylishly crafted and compact in design, the Aquatap is a high-end, premium product designed to deliver instant boiling water safely and efficiently.


    • Chrome finish tap
    • Boiling water safety switch
    • Water filtration technology
    • Hot, cold and ambient water options

    Instant hot water tap V-tap system

    One tap that does it all

    Our series of tap systems come in a range of capacities and feature the options of chilled, regular and boiling water. With choices from a variety of stylish and modern taps, you have the ability to design the ideal system to suit your business. With Angel Waterlogic instant hot water taps you'll enjoy:

    • Instant boiling water
    • High flow tap design
    • Energy efficient technology
    • Entry-level and high-capacity units 
    • Adjustable water temperature settings

    Why offices choose instant boiling water taps from Angel Waterlogic

    Space Saving

    Not all offices have large or even separate kitchens. Our instant hot water taps work using an under sink water heater systems designed to save you space, without compromising on quality or functionality. Small and compact, our systems are created to fit in the area under your sink, optimising the space available, not dominating it. Once installed you can use our taps to supply your customers and employees with an endless flow of pure great tasting water.

    Multiple Functions

    With a range of capacity options available, you can choose the unit that caters to the volume of your water demands. Offering chilled, room temperature and boiling water, you can customise your instant hot water tap system to meet the needs of your office all within one easy to use unit. You can also select from our range of designed taps to ensure the aesthetics meets your office requirements.

    Energy Efficient

    Equipped with innovative built-in insulation technology, our under sink water systems conserve energy by allowing large amounts of heat (and cold) to be absorbed, stored and then reused within the unit. With both air cooled and water cooled options available, you can decide on what model best suits your environment. By reclaiming energy, we keep your power consumption low and your electricity bills lower.

    Limitless Supply

    Instant how water taps from Angel Waterlogic are plumbed into the mains water supply making it easy for you to provide your employees, customers and business partners with an unlimited supply of filtered hot and cold water directly when it's needed. With a range of models to suit any business our under sink heaters and instant hot water taps perfectly fit your office’s requirements, whatever your budget.