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  • The most advanced water machines in the market

    Provide the highest quality and greatest tasting water for your office. Whether you require hot or cold water machines you can find the right product for your workplace below.

    Our range of water filter machines

    Image of product Waterlogic 3 Firewall™
    Attractive, proven and robust, the Waterlogic 3 mains-fed point of use water dispenser delivers a constant supply of the highest quality drinking water.


    • Countertop and Freestanding
    • Touch sensitive user panel
    • Firewall™ UV Purification System
    • Cold, Ambient, Sparkling, Hot & Extra Hot Options

    Image of product Niagara Freestanding High Volume Water Cooler
    For businesses with a large number of staff, customers or visitors, it is inevitable that a high volume of water will need to be provided. To fulfil these requirements, you will need a high quality cold water dispenser.


    • High Capacity
    • Anti-Flood Mechanism
    • Ideal For Filling Bottles, Jugs and Glasses
    • Still and Sparkling Options

    Water machines

    Flexibility for every space

    Only Waterlogic can provide your workplace with such a diverse range of water filtration machines. Our selection of mains-fed machines include water coolers, instantly hot boilers and under-sink systems with highly functional taps.

    Whatever your office requires Waterlogic can provide the right solution:

    • Countertop & freestanding water coolers
    • Wall mounted instant how water machines
    • Under-sink Tap systems
    • Bottled water coolers

    Why businesses choose Waterlogic water machines

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    Waterlogic has a proven record of high quality servicing and maintenance. This is integral to why we are the UK’s largest supplier of mains-fed water machines. Across the country we have 80+ engineers ensuring scheduled services are carried out each year, with timely resolutions to all problems you may have with your machines.

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    Our freestanding and countertop models are proven to be the best in market at water purification. Our patented FirewallTM UV technology ensures your water is 99.9999% purified against bacteria and viruses. Combined within our three-stage water purification process we push the boundaries with water filtration innovation.

    Hassle Free Icon

    Hassle Free

    Purchasing a water machine from Waterlogic couldn’t be simpler. Our experienced advisors will ensure you choose the most suitable product for your needs. All our contracts are written in plain English with no hidden clauses, and our installations are carried out by fully qualified accredited engineers causing minimal disruption to your offices.

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    Limitless Purity

    We connect products directly to your existing water supply and purify your drinking water on demand. Our mains-fed water coolers have been certified to purify your water to the highest possible standards. With a unlimited supply you can deliver glass after glass of perfect water to your colleagues, customers and clients.