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  • coolers for architects and specifiers
    Architects & Specifiers

    Providing pure water when and where you need it, when designing public spaces, accessibility to water is expected and Waterlogic's stylish water coolers give the endless supply of pure water that your building designs need.

    Water dispensers for architects & specifiers

    Specify with confidence

    People in public and commercial buildings want and expect access to safe and fresh drinking water and whether you are installing your own project or working for a client, Waterlogic will give you an assortment of sophisticated and stylish mains fed water coolers to choose from.

    For over 20 years we have developed advanced technologies and UV purification that is unbeatable. With our wide range of bottleless water dispensers and our revolutionary Firewall™ technology, every last drop dispensed is 99.9999% pure, 100% of the time.

    Plus, a seamless installation will add to the professionalism you strive to have with every project. All we need is access to the building's nearest water source and one of our certified technicians will complete the seamless and quick installation giving you an endless supply of fresh drinking water for your project. But, we don’t just get you water where you want, we also get you water that is 99.9999% germ free, pure and fresh.

    With Waterlogic, you'll:

    • Have one of our certified technicians perform a clean, easy and worry-free installation
    • Reduce energy consumption with our Energy Star coolers
    • Add value to your social responsibility program by reducing plastic waste with Waterlogic's eco friendly solution
    • Have a range of bottleless coolers to choose from such as freestanding, counter top, ice, sparkling and much more.

    With striking looks, high green credentials, and long term cost efficiencies, you can select Waterlogic and know it was the right choice for your project.

    "The priority for ORPEA is to deliver quality care in all of our clinics and retreats. So when it came to deciding on the water provision especially for the most vulnerable of residents, Waterlogic Firewall water dispensers were chosen as the hydration solution."

    Mme Lucie HEURTAUT, National Buyer, ORPEA Group - Puteaux

    Recommended Bottleless Water Cooler

    WL2 Firewall®

    Image of product WL2 Firewall®


    • Up to 30 users
    • Cold and hot options
    • hands-free operation available
    • 99.9999% pure water
    • Freestanding & countertop models

    Why architects choose Waterlogic

    service icon

    Comprehensive Servicing

    With Waterlogic you're taken care off. Our service package ensures mains-fed product is delivered, installed and serviced by a fully qualified engineer. Twice yearly maintenance packages are also included, which covers all parts, labour and full call out and repair costs. You really do have nothing to worry about when you choose Waterlogic.

    water cooler icon

    Diverse Machines

    Your office is unique with its own specific needs. You may not have a large or even separate kitchen area available. Only Waterlogic provide a wide range of water solutions to meet any business requirement. With freestanding and countertop systems are designed to save you space, without compromising quality or functionality.

    environmental icon

    Sustainable Solutions

    All Waterlogic office water coolers utilise advanced purification technologies that are environmentally sustainable. Our mains fed water dispensers help drastically reduce your business’ carbon footprint. In doing so, you are not only benefiting the environment but also increasing your company’s social awareness.

    Recommended bottleless water dispensers for architects & specifiers

    WL2 Firewall®

    Image of product WL2 Firewall®


    • Up to 30 users
    • Cold and hot options
    • hands-free operation available
    • 99.9999% pure water
    • Freestanding & countertop models

    WL3 Firewall®

    Image of product WL3 Firewall®
    Attractive, proven and robust, the WL3 Firewall® mains-fed point of use water dispenser delivers a constant supply of the highest quality drinking water.


    • Cold, Ambient, Sparkling, Hot & Extra Hot Options
    • Hands-free operation available
    • 99.9999% pure water
    • Countertop and Freestanding
    • Touch sensitive user panel

    Niagara Freestanding High Volume Water Cooler

    Image of product Niagara Freestanding High Volume Water Cooler
    For businesses with a large number of staff, customers or visitors, it is inevitable that a high volume of water will need to be provided. To fulfil these requirements, you will need a high quality cold water dispenser.


    • High Capacity
    • Anti-Flood Mechanism
    • Ideal For Filling Bottles, Jugs and Glasses
    • Still and Sparkling Options