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  • Water Coolers for Facilities Management
    Facilities Management

    Revive your workplace with a stylish office water dispenser, our drinking water dispensers guarantee unlimited freshness, purity and taste at cost effective prices with every sip.

    Water dispensers for Facilities Management

    Enjoy a continuous supply of fresh water

    If you're a part of the facilities management and procurement industry, a water cooler is probably on the list of things you have to take care of to ensure you provide clients with a long-term solution to hydration. At Waterlogic we aim to lighten your load when it comes to the provision of safe, clean drinking water.

    We offer variations in our product range, including mains fed, bottle fed and instant hot water taps to offer a more economical solution to a kettle. It is not just a case of rolling up, plugging in the water cooler and placing a water reservoir on top – there are other considerations that need to be taken into account.

    • Fixed monthly rental and planned water machine maintenance ensures you have no hidden expenses and spikes in your spending.
    • Regular hygiene and maintenance checks by trained specialists to keep your water in perfect condition.

    All Waterlogic products and services are tested to the highest regard in terms of reliability. We are accredited by the British Water Cooler Association and are corporate members of the British Institute of Facilities Management.

    Transform your the workplace with a continuous supply of clean, fresh, great-tasting water.

    "When we had service performed he [technician on call] presented himself very professionally. Very pleasant. Thanks for having awesome employees."

    Deborah at Homewood Public Library

    Recommended Bottleless Water Cooler

    Image of product WL2 Firewall™ (WL2 FW)


    • Firewall® technology for 99.9999% pure water, 100% of the time
    • Up to 30 users
    • Cold and hot options

    Why Facilities Management choose Waterlogic

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    Comprehensive Servicing

    Our service package ensures your water product is delivered, installed and serviced by a fully qualified engineer. Twice yearly maintenance packages are included in the package. This covers parts, labour, call out and repair costs.

    water cooler icon

    Flexible Machines

    If you are short on space but want to enjoy the benefits of a mains fed water cooler, the freestanding and countertop options are right for you. Only Waterlogic provide a range of water solutions designed to save you space.

    environmental icon

    Sustainable Solutions

    All water coolers utilise advanced purification technologies that are environmentally sustainable and drastically help reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Choose Waterlogic to benefit the environment.

    Recommended bottleless water dispensers for Facilities Management

    Image of product WL7 FW Water Purification System
    This advanced water purification system combines refined engineering and high-tech features in a robust and reliable machine.


    • Ice Bath cooling technology
    • Freestanding & countertop models
    • 99.9999% Purified Water
    • High Capacity

    Image of product Waterlogic 3 Firewall™
    Attractive, proven and robust, the Waterlogic 3 mains-fed point of use water dispenser delivers a constant supply of the highest quality drinking water.


    • Countertop and Freestanding
    • Touch sensitive user panel
    • Firewall™ UV Purification System
    • Cold, Ambient, Sparkling, Hot & Extra Hot Options

    Image of product Waterlogic WL100


    • Hot & cold water options
    • High performance carbon filtration
    • Robust construction