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    Eco Friendly Water Coolers

    Beyond the obvious — tastes better, goes down smoother — Waterlogic POU hot and cold water dispensers have even more going for them. They’re designed with the environment in mind and feature eco friendly water filters. Energy, fuel and time are all conserved in generation our eco friendly water.

    That’s because the cost of transporting, storing and disposing of bottles (large or small) is eliminated. What does this add up to? A 72% carbon footprint reduction. And the more environmentally friendly water you use, the lower your carbon footprint by comparison.

    Eco friendly companies such as Waterlogic provide many clear advantages to customers and clients.

    You’ll stop contributing to plastic bottles piling into landfill and reduce dependence on oil-derived plastics. When it comes to eco friendly water, we can all be one of the good guys.

    For example, when we install a new dispenser to replace an existing Waterlogic machine, we inspect the returned item. If elements can be re-used, then we do just that. And if not, they go for recycling.

    It’s what we do. Making the earth a better place, glass by glass of pure, refreshing, eco friendly water from and for an eco friendly company.