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    Transform your business with a Bottleless Water Cooler in LA

    Water coolers designed with hygiene and hydration in mind.

    Water coolers LA

    Waterlogic will not compromise on quality

    In LA, the water quality has been under fire in recent years, especially as we're learning more about the quality of water discovered in plastic bottles, and the taste of the water coming under question.

    Our water dispensers are prepared to neutralize bacteria and external germs with the technology of Firewall® and BioCote® installed. It allows you to provide your customers, employees and potential customers with purified, contaminant-free water from the touch of a button. And it tastes great!

    Water coolers in LA

    Where to find us?

    305 E. Orangehope Ave
    Placentia, CA

    What our customers say

    "Working with Waterlogic was a great experience with everyone we dealt with. Thank you."

    Denise Geraghty, Business Operations Manager

    "We received excellent service - from the time we placed our order until the Dispensers were delivered. Excellent service."

    Lucille Epperson, Waterlogic customer

    Look what you could save

    With Waterlogic you pay one flat fee, no matter how much you drink.

    You could save: $20 p/m

    Get huge savings in Los Angeles

    If you're using a bottled water supplier, Waterlogic can cut this out for you with a mains-fed dispenser. Use the cost calculator to find out how much you can save. Waterlogic allow you to save while you're given contaminant free and refreshing water for you, your customers, employees and guests.

    Use an existing water source that allows you unlimited purified water to give yourself peace of mind. With a Waterlogic bottleless solution, you're not only saving money but you're also taking care of the environment by reducing your plastic wastage and CO₂ emissions.

    Purified water in three simple steps



    The Waterlogic purification process uses a carbon filter to remove impurities, additives and odors from your drinking water. You're then given refreshing drinking water containing all the essential minerals.


    Firewall® Technology

    Our exclusive UV Firewall® Technology works at the point of dispense. Your water is purified and protected right before it leaves the system, ensuring your water is remains clean.



    The final line of defense is an external silver additive lining called BioCote®. This protects your system from any germs or bacteria and ensures your water dispenser remains fresh.

    Why businesses in LA rely on Waterlogic

    With Waterlogic, you'll receive specialist advice that'll allow you to make the best decision for your business, a hassle-free installation and a personalized aftercare and service package to ensure your hot and cold dispenser, ice dispenser or sparkling water cooler is consistently delivering as if like new.

    We'll arrange visits to ensure your system is performing to its high standard. With a Waterlogic water dispenser solution in Los Angeles, you can be assured every drop you drink is fresh, clean and always tastes great.

    Waterlogic service LA

    Recommended bottleless water coolers in LA

    WL2 Firewall® (WL2 FW)

    Image of product WL2 Firewall® (WL2 FW)
    The WL2 Firewall® dispenses excellent purified water, has a simple operation, sleek design and is suitable for any small-medium working environment.


    • 99.9999% purified water
    • BioCote® antimicrobial protection
    • Ideal capacity for 15 to 30 users
    • Cold and hot options

    WL7 Firewall® (WL7 FW)

    Image of product WL7 Firewall® (WL7 FW)


    • 99.9999% purified water
    • BioCote® antimicrobial protection
    • High capacity
    • Ice Bath cooling technology

    WL800 Max II, For High Demands

    Image of product WL800 Max II, For High Demands
    High capacity water dispenser for demanding environments


    • Cold and Hot Water
    • Leak Detection
    • Removable drip tray
    • Overfill protection