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Acquisition Opportunities
Acquisition Opportunities

If you are considering selling your business and would like to reap the rewards of your hard work, we would like to hear from you. Our acquisition process is simple and we will work towards building upon your foundations, provide career opportunities for your employees and continued exceptional service for your customers.

The Waterlogic 6-Step Process

The following process outlines Waterlogic’s straightforward approach to acquiring water companies.

1. Initial Meeting

This is an introductory meeting between a seller and a member of the acquisitions team at Waterlogic, which may include a site visit.

2. Information Request

To begin the process, key pieces of information will be requested by Waterlogic. Upon receiving this information, Waterlogic will develop a term sheet.

3. Term Sheet

Waterlogic values transparency. The term sheet includes a business valuation, the proposed offer, and terms of the acquisition. This is issued within two weeks of receiving information.

4. Due Diligence

The process takes approximately 10-30 days to examine the business. Areas include: financial, technology, customer, contract, real estate, and general business operations.

5. Purchase and Sale Agreement

This is the where Waterlogic drafts the legal agreement consistent with the term sheet.

6. Closing

The final agreement on the Purchase and Sale Agreement and payment for the business.

The overall process takes approximately 2-8 weeks. Please note, the timetable is largely at the discretion of the seller.

Acquisition Opportunities

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Acquisition Opportunities

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Waterlogic merger and acquisitions

Waterlogic merger and acquisitions

Waterlogic merger and acquisitions

Waterlogic merger and acquisitions