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    Water Dispenser Buying Guide

    How do you improve productivity in the workplace? The simplest of measures can increase the efficiency of your employees. Installing an office water dispenser can offer a number of advantages.

    Why switch to bottleless?

    A bottleless water dispenser fulfils the legal obligation of providing a supply of clean drinking water and assures businesses they are supplying their teams with high-quality, safe water thanks to the inclusion of our advanced filtration technologies.

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    Our multiple filtering technique guarantees safe drinking water

    Carbon multi-filtration uses small pieces of carbon that have been specifically designed to remove impurities like pesticides, heavy metals, petrochemicals, toxins, unpleasant tastes and unexpected odors from the supply.

    Firewall UV purification is a chemical-free process that eliminates 99.9999% bacteria and illness-causing viruses from your water supply. It uses ultraviolet rays to destroy potential pathogen including E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis.

    Water coolers are a hotbed for bacteria. The handles can harbor up to 20 times as many germs as your typical meeting room door handle. It’s crucial to protect employees from bacteria which could threaten an outbreak of workplace illness. Waterlogic eliminate this risk by protecting the external surfaces of the water cooler with BioCote®. This is an antimicrobial coating that actively inhibits the growth of microorganisms on frequently touched areas and ensures the highest level of hygiene in your workplace.

    The benefits of investing in an office water dispenser

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    Cost Savings

    A bottleless water dispenser is a low-cost means to offer a filtered water supply to your office. With Waterlogic, you can save between 30-70% as you avoid the need for deliveries.

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    Swift Installation

    Waterlogic offer a quick installation to business across the country. Our qualified technicians guarantee minimal disruption and always complete a final check before leaving.

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    Purified Water

    Our sophisticated technologies ensure each of our water coolers is ideally suited to its environment, guaranteeing high-quality and bacteria-free water for every user.

    Aftercare and maintaining your water dispenser

    How often will my water dispenser need servicing?

    When you invest in a water cooler, you are automatically enrolled in our bi-annual maintenance check-up scheme that keeps your machine in full flow throughout the year. Our Hygiene Maintenance and Repair service takes place twice every 12 months, during which a certified technician changes the carbon filter in your cooler as well as replacing the UV purification lamp.

    If you have any questions regarding the cleaning or upkeep of your Waterlogic POU water dispenser, contact your local water expert for further advice. Waterlogic has a network of certified technicians located throughout the country, so if you require unexpected maintenance or additional support, help can usually be on-hand within a matter of hours.

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