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  • Why should I choose a Waterlogic water dispenser for my workplace?

    Waterlogic offers a range of elegantly designed office water dispensers, satisfying the needs of every workplace while catering to your local water conditions. Our water experts are on hand to provide you with detailed advice cooler. Our certified technicians drift into your office to connect your dispenser to the existing water supply, giving your team great tasting, chilled and hot water, on-demand.As Waterlogic water dispensers plumb straight into your building’s supply, you’ll make an instant saving by tapping into a resource you’re already paying for, thus eliminating the unnecessary costs of delivery, extra office admin and storage.

    Every Waterlogic dispenser includes unique multi-stage filtration and purification systems that are proven to purify your water supply to the highest standards, delivering a limitless flow of perfectly clean water, no matter the size of your office. While we include a bi-annual service package as standard, giving customers absolute peace of mind that your water dispenser will work, without fail,from winter through to the summer months; a fully qualified engineer will visit your office twice-a-year to check the system, replace the UV purification lamp and replace parts as required. Waterlogic offer companies flexibility of choice when it comes to sourcing a water dispenser, so you’ll never blow your budget on unexpected or hidden costs.

    What certifications do Waterlogic bottleless water coolers have?

    At Waterlogic, we realize businesses are looking for a partner who can help push your corporate social responsibility strategy. We ensure our products are certified to the highest ethical standards, demonstrating our commitment and the commitment of our customers to battling climate change.

    Waterlogic water dispensers are Energy Star Certified: a marking awarded to products that actively prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines — standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Each of our products is ETL certified, which further proves they meet the stringent safety and environmental standards of North America.

    In Europe, our dispensers hold the CE mark: a European certification that guarantees a product is manufactured to both the highest safety and environmental standards. Every Waterlogic water dispenser is CE-accredited, so you'll never have to worry if your dispenser is up to the mark.For businesses worried about Bisphenol-A, we ensure every Waterlogic water dispenser is certified Bisphenol-A-free.

    Our water dispensers are WRAS-approved (WRAS) approved. This is a UK standard for water quality, ensuring water dispenser materials and components meet rigorous safety requirements around waste prevention, while they also have the WQA Gold Seal demonstrating cleaner, safer water. Waterlogic is the only supplier in the industry to carry NSF/ANSI 55 Class A and P231 certifications. These standards are used to guarantee the quality and integrity of our microbiological water purifiers.

    At an organizational level, we hold ISO 9001 certification, underlining our commitment to providing consistent quality through adopting key quality management principles.

    What are the filtering techniques used?

    Throughout the world, local and municipal water supplies are either unsafe to drink or inadequately monitored for potential contamination. There are hundreds of potential pollutants waitingto find their way into your water. Waterlogic use the most advanced filtration techniques available to both improve the quality of your water alongside ensuring it remains contaminant-free.

    Carbon filtration uses tiny pieces of highly-porous carbon to create the ultimate filter. As water flows through the carbon, the segments absorb a variety of impurities, including lead, pesticides, petrochemicals, chlorine, and toxins: the kind of contaminants that create unpleasant tastes, undesirable odors, and discolored water.

    A 10-micron granular activated carbon (GAC) water filter acts as the first line of defense. Where the local water conditions call for additional filtration, a 1-micron activated carbon block (ACB) filter is available to remove all contaminants and even though the 1-micron ACB filter will remove all the undesirable elements, it will still leave the minerals that give your water its great taste.In some conditions, however, even a 1-micron ACB filter isn’t enough to purify the water supply.

    Reverse Osmosis offers a level of water filtration above that of carbon, removing all dissolved particles from the supply. It guarantees a level of purity that’s unachievable via standard carbon filtration methods and it’s the perfect solution in areas where boil alerts are commonplace; when the water source is unknown; or, if you know your water supply harbors particularly toxic contaminants. Unlike the 1-micron ACB filter, reverse osmosis will remove the beneficial minerals from your water as well as the bacteria. This can affect the taste of your water supply. You can add the minerals back in using special additives.

    Which technologies are used in my POU water dispenser?

    Waterlogic uses an array of antimicrobial and water filtration systems to deliver up to 99.9999% purified drinking water to your workplace. The water quality we achieve is the direct result of our “three steps to greatness” mantra to ensure you get water that’s chemical and contaminant-free.

    Step one involves high-performance carbon filtration. Your water supply passes through permeable pieces of carbon to trap impurities like chlorine, lead, pesticides, petrochemicals and other harmful toxins. Carbon filtration guarantees safe, bacteria-free water. You’ll never experience strange discoloration, an unpleasant odor or a foul taste.

    Step two is microbiological purification using Firewall ultraviolet (UV) light.Firewall UV water purification is one of the most effective water treatment methods there are that works by placing a lamp at the center of the water tank and treating the supply before it ever reaches your glass. The UV light penetrates pathogens to destroy the DNA of any bacteria or illness-causing viruses that could be living in your drinking water. The process eliminates 99.9999% of all germs, including E. Coli, Salmonella, and Hepatitis via a low-cost, low-maintenance, and entirely chemical-free process.

    Step three relies on BioCote® natural antimicrobial protection. This keeps the surface of your water dispenser as clean as the supply. BioCote® is a silver additive we apply to the outside of the unit to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, which can colonize, stain and degrade the exterior. Thanks to BioCote®, it won’t matter how many germs your water dispenser is exposed to; the use of silver guarantees natural antimicrobial protection that’s proven to neutralize all bacteriawith the silver ions promising lifetime protection for your water dispenser.

    Are Waterlogic water coolers eco-friendly?

    Waterlogic keeps the environment top-of-mind in everything we do. Our plumbed-in water dispensers include a variety of eco-friendly features such bottleless units to environmentally-friendly and energy-saving sleep modes. We encourage clients to use reusable bottles in place of plastic cups where possible and where we do provide cups, we make sure they’re recyclable. Doubling-down on our plastic-free initiatives,

    When it comes to replacing your machine, our qualified technicians will inspect your returned unit to check for elements we can reuse. Anything we can’t reuse, we recycle at the end of your dispenser’s useful life, Waterlogic does everything possible to keep waste to a minimum.In fact, all the polymers, steel, lamps, and packaging in our machines are entirely recyclable, while our filters are also reusable. Even the processes we use to cool your water are kind on the environment, right down to the non-ozone depleting recycling refrigerant r134a.

    Did you know that many of our water dispensers consume less energy than a standard 100-watt light bulb? If we didn’t take the environment seriously, our products could not bear the CE Certification Marking: an industry-recognized declaration that a product complies with rigorous European environmental protection legislation.