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  • What are the different types of capacity available?

    Waterlogic accommodate a variety of clients thanks to the different capacities available across our units.Each dispenser has a cold and hot water storage tank that holds a volume of water, which is measured in gallons.

    If you work in a smaller space with a limited number of employees, you might consider the countertop WL2 Firewall®. This elegant and stylish water dispenser delivers both hot and cold water on-demand with the hot tank holding 0.4 gallons,and the cold tank holding 0.53 gallons: the ideal capacities to serve between 15 and 30 users.

    If you work in a medium-sized business, the high-capacity WL7 Firewall™ can dispense high volumes of ice-cold and boiling water to satisfy busy workplaces. The hot tank holds 0.4 gallons while the cold tank holds 1.2 gallons, making the water dispenser perfect for 30 to 50 users.

    Large businesses need ultra-high capacity units like the WL800 Max II. The dispenser has the ideal design to serve hot and cold water to high traffic areas. The hot tank capacity is 0.92 gallons, and the cold tank capacity is 4.22 gallons, which can comfortably satisfy the thirst of 50+ employees.

    To find out more, you can see the hot tank and cold tank capacity by visiting the water dispenser page, selecting a product, and checking the specifications.

    What are the different water options available?

    Our hot and cold-water dispensers come as freestanding or countertop, giving you flexibility when it comes to picking the right unitto fityour space.

    Freestanding water dispensers such as the WL7 Firewall™ and WL800 Max II sit at a height of between 40” and 50”. This makes them the perfect level to fill a glass in corridors or offices. The freestanding model offers taller dispensing areas making it ideal for filling large jugs and carafes.

    Countertop water coolerslike theWL2 Firewall®offer a space-saving alternative to the freestanding model. They include the same diverse feature-set, so guarantee the same supply of purified water without taking any workspace away from your staff.

    If you’re unsure about which model best suits your workspace, contact a water expert,so you know you’re making the right choice.

    What are common contaminants removed by Waterlogic water coolers?

    There can be many contaminants present in municipal water supplies. The following five contaminants are particularly common in municipal water supplies.

    1. Nitrates are chemicals present in fertilizers and manure. They can find their way into the water supply as rainwater run-off from farms washes them into the local waterway.

    2. Bacteria and viruses are present everywhere, but a select few can cause serious illness. Bacteria like E. Coli can end up in a water supply as a result of agricultural rainwater run-off or sewage overflow after a storm.

    3. Heavy metals occur naturally in rock and sediment, then release into waterways following mining activity or as rainwater trickles into underground aquifers. Heavy metal arsenic is particularly damaging to human health and is a known carcinogen.

    4. Lead is a second heavy metal that’s often found in municipal supplies as a result of outdated lead plumbing piping water into homes and offices.

    5. Fluoride is a natural mineral that’s present in the earth’s soil. However, authorities often add fluoride into municipal supplies as it both helps to reduce tooth decay and strengthens teeth enamel. There is a question about whether over-exposure to fluoride can stain and weaken teeth.

    Waterlogic water dispensers use a range of advanced technologies to remove potential pollutants and ensure your water supply is safe to drink.Carbon filtration absorbs organic pollutants like pesticides, nitrates, and heavy metals; Firewall UV water filtration to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bacteria and Reverse Osmosisin case your local water conditions call for an extra level of water filtration.