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  • How would the dispenser be installed?

    It couldn’t be simpler to install a bottleless water dispenser thanks to our team of certified engineers. Each engineer is trained to the WQA's exacting standards — giving you peace of mind that the installation process will be simple, seamless, and quick.

    Every installation follows the exact same process:

    1. First, your engineer will find the nearest cold-water source in your building to the point of installation;

    2. Your engineer will then install a ‘T’ fitting that allows the sink and the unit to share the same water source, meaning your POU water dispenser plumbs straight into your building’s supply;

    3. Next, the engineer will attach a food-grade pipe to the T-fitting, then cut a small hole into the back of the sink cabinet through which they will thread the pipe — snaking it behind walls and within ceiling voids — to wherever you place your water dispenser. The discrete setup gives you flexibility over where you position the unit;

    4. Once the engineer has got the pipe to the dispenser’s location, they will feed it behind the wall, then through a second small hole, which they will cover up with a cable plate a clean finish, preserving the aesthetics of your office and leaving you with a seamless installation;

    5. Finally, the engineer will plug your water dispenser in and turn it on, leaving your team to enjoy free-flowing cold, hot, and sparkling water, on-demand.

    We guarantee minimal disruption to your business so that you can continue with your workday, while our qualified engineers take every step to keep the pipes hidden and out of harm way.

    Can I install my POU water dispenser without an engineer?

    To ensure you get the optimal experience and never have to endure any unexpected disturbanceit’s best to for a certified Waterlogic engineer install your POU water dispenser.Our engineers are trained under the WQA's rigorous guidelines, guaranteeing you a seamless and safe installation. With Waterlogic, the setup process is simple, quick, and disruption-free. The engineer connects your water dispenser to the mains supply, while hiding the piping behind your office walls and in the ceiling voids.

    Waterlogic includes nationwide as part of the rental and purchase agreement, so there’s no need for you to risk installing the dispenser yourself or asking an inexperienced technician to take control of the specialist task. Our skilled technicians run a final check of your system before they leave, giving you peace of mind. Rest safe that you can call on Waterlogic at any time.