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  • How should I clean my water dispenser?

    We use a variety of technologies to ensure our hot and cold-water dispensers deliver clean, fresh-tasting water, year-round. Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Energy recommend users clean their water dispenser every six weeks to ensure maximum hygiene and to avoid marks and stains from gathering on the surfaces. As every Waterlogic model uses BioCote® protection to eliminate bacteria from the outside surfaces of your unit, your primary focus when cleaning your dispenser is to keep it looking its best. BioCote® is an antimicrobial coating that sits on every external surface. It prevents the growth of microbes on frequently touched areas like buttons and cup holders, avoiding the build-up of bacteria and mold, which helps you maintain a healthy workforce.

    You won’t need to use bleach to clean your water dispenser. A simple solution of 3-parts water to 1-part vinegar will suffice — using a microfiber cloth or a soft sponge to wipe the surfaces down.

    1. Start by unplugging the power cable from the electrical outlet: this is to avoid the hazard of tripping over a cord as much as the risk of electric shocks.
    2. Damp your cloth using the solution, then wipe down external surfaces and the water dispenser faucets, being sure to remove any marks or stains.
    3. Remove the drip guard, rinse thoroughly under a tap, and wipe down using your cleaning solution.
    4. Plug your dispenser back in and check that it works. Ensure it is dry before using again.

    A certified Waterlogic technician will change carbon filters, switch the Firewall UV lamp, and upgrade areas requiring attention during the routine twice-yearly annual maintenance.

    How do I clean the drip tray?

    Every Waterlogic hot and cold-water dispenser has a removable drip tray that sits beneath the faucets. The drip tray is essential to catch any accidental spillage during use; or residual water that may drip from the valves once the cup has been removed.

    Due to the shape of the drip tray and the fact it can hold a small volume of stagnant water for an indeterminate period of time, there is a risk of bacterial growth if not correctly maintained. As such, it’s vital to clean the drip tray on a monthly basis by following the process outlined below:

    1. First, fill a plastic container with very hot water;
    2. Add a mild bleach or white vinegar (three parts water to one part vinegar) to the container to use as a disinfectant solution;
    3. Remove the drip tray from beneath the faucet and submerge in the solution (being careful not to scold yourself on the hot water);
    4. Soak the drip tray in the solution for at least 3 minutes (long enough to kill bacteria and remove any residue that’s built up);
    5. Remove the drip tray from the solution, then wipe down with a damp cloth being sure to clean off any remaining residue, visual marks, or stains;
    6. Leave the drip tray on a drying rack or use a clean towel to dry the drip tray completely;
    7. Once dry, replace the drip tray beneath the faucets and continue to use your water dispenser.

    While Waterlogic does everything we can to ensure your dispenser remains bacteria-free, the drip tray is the one part you need to keep clean. Antimicrobial BioCote® protection will keep the outside surfaces of your unit sanitized. Yet, it’s up to you to avoid the build-up of bacteria in your drip tray.

    How often is the filter to be replaced?

    With Waterlogic, you can rely on a trusted partner to handle every aspect of your water dispenser maintenance, which includes replacing the carbon filter. A certified Waterlogic technician will visit your workplace on a bi-annual basis to carry out routine maintenance. And during the visit, the technician will check your hot and cold water dispenser is working correctly, switch the Firewall UV purification lamp, and replace your water filter to ensure you enjoy optimal water quality, year-round.

    Why is it necessary to change the filter twice a year?

    Throughout the world, tap water is unfit for consumption, or it lacks adequate monitoring for pollutants. As tap water makes its way to your glass, it’s exposed to external elements that can give it an unpleasant taste or foul odor.

    Carbon filtration is key to filtering out small particles like nitrates, petrochemicals, and heavy metals from your water supply. It works by using small pieces of highly-porous carbon that absorb undesirable impurities and remove toxins. A clean filter ensures you’ll always have great-tasting, perfectly clear water, which is why all our units include a carbon water filtration system as standard to guarantee contaminant-free water that’s a pleasure to drink.

    Waterlogic has a distributed team of experienced technicians, so you’ll always have an engineer on-hand during your time of need. Our technicians guarantee an uninterrupted supply of clean water thanks to the regular maintenance schedule, which has helped us keep thousands of corporate customers happy for decades. We also have several service centers that allow us to respond promptly if customers ever encounter any issues, so you know you’re only ever a phone call away from the expert support you need.

    What should I do if my dispenser is damaged?

    Waterlogic provides support, repairs, and ongoing servicing to clients whenever and wherever you need it. We have a team of certified technicians located throughout the country so that you always have help on-hand if you encounter any issues with your water dispenser.

    Should your Waterlogic water dispenser stop working at any time for any reason, or you think there may be an issue with one of the features, get in touch with our customer service team between 8am and 8pm EST on (866) 917-7873, where our specialist support agents will answer any questions you have as well as try to find a solution to all your water-related needs. Alternatively, you can head to the Customer Support Hub on the Waterlogic website, fill out an inquiry form with the details of your issue, and a member of our support team will get in touch with you.

    As part of every rental and purchase agreement, we include routine maintenance and repairs on a bi-annual basis to keep you dispenser functioning without fault throughout the year. After all, Waterlogic is much more than just another supplier to your business. We consider ourselves to be an active partner to your organization — here to enable your team to focus on your mission by providing you with a reliable, seamless service and great-tasting clean water, year-round.