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  • Hot water dispenser and instant cold water machines
    Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

    Waterlogic's hot and cold water dispensers give you the quality water your workplace is looking for. These models feature multi-stage filtration and ultraviolet light sanitization to prevent potential biofilm build up and reduce bacterial growth. Plus, our Firewall® UVC models are scientifically proven to eliminate 99.999% of COVID-19.

    Our most popular hot and cold water dispensers

    Our hot and cold water dispensers connect directly to your existing water supply and purify your drinking water on demand. Our bottleless water coolers have been certified to purify your water to the highest possible standards, delivering glass after glass of either instant cold water or from the hot water dispenser.

    WL7 Firewall® - 5 water options in 1

    Image of product WL7 Firewall® - 5 water options in 1


    • Up to 99.999% COVID-secure
    • Enjoy Cold, sparkling, ambient, hot & extra hot
    • Perfect for low and high demand areas
    • Ice Bath cooling technology to deliver high amounts of ice-cold water
    • BioCote®️ antimicrobial protection

    WL2 Firewall® - Cold & hot water in an instant

    Image of product WL2 Firewall® - Cold & hot water in an instant
    The WL2 Firewall® dispenses excellent purified water, has a simple operation, sleek design and is suitable for any small-medium working environment.


    • Up to 99.999% COVID-secure
    • Enjoy cold & hot water
    • Perfect for up to 30 users
    • BioCote®️ antimicrobial protection
    • Countertop available for smaller spaces

    WL800 Max II - For high demand environments

    Image of product WL800 Max II - For high demand environments
    High capacity water dispenser for demanding environments


    • Enjoy cold & hot water
    • Tall dispensing area idea for large jugs and carafes
    • Perfect for environments that demand frequent refills
    • Reverse Osmosis filtration to ensure high quality water
    • Peace of mind with leak detection

    Why hot and cold water dispensers from Waterlogic are perfect for any workplace

    At Waterlogic, we manufacture and service a wide range of water coolers that will match the needs of your workplace and the local water conditions. Our water experts will provide the best advice and support so you have one less thing to worry about. Our philosophy is to make the rental process of a water machine hassle-free.

    Firewall icon

    COVID-secure Technology

    Choose one of our Firewall® UVC models to enjoy multi-stage water filtration and advanced UV purification. Our unique purification process means the water is first passed through a carbon filter, which absorbs impurities and eliminates unpleasant odors and unnecessary additives. Next, Firewall® UVC is used to eliminate up to 99.999% of viruses, including COVID-19. Finally, the silver additive, BioCote®, protects key surfaces to act as a final defense against microorganisms.

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    Waterlogic hot and cold water dispensers connect directly to your building’s current water supply, transforming it into the cleanest, purest drinking water available. By using a source of water that your business is already paying for, Waterlogic dispensers prevent unnecessary cost whilst drastically reduce your business’ plastic waste, environmental pollution and carbon emissions.

    Spring icon

    Modern Design

    Our water dispensers are designed to suit every office, whether you're looking for a hot water dispenser or one with instant cold water. With striking looks, high green credentials, and long term cost efficiencies, you can select one of our hot and cold water coolers without compromising on design, efficiency or performance.

    Water dispenser icon

    Flexible Products

    Waterlogic hot and cold water dispensers are available as counter top or freestanding models, giving you greater flexibility when it comes to selecting the right model for you and your office. With options to buy or rent office water coolers, you can enjoy clean, fresh, great tasting water on any budget, without any hidden costs.

    What our customers are saying

    Don't just take our word for it, see what some of our customers are saying about Waterlogic water dispensers.

    “They [Waterlogic] professionally installed two coolers in our hotel. No more bottles to lift or store. The water is fresh and cold. Plus, several guest have commented on the hi-tech look of the cooler.”

    Ryan, Best Western (BWI Airport)

    We switched to Waterlogic from a competitor because he [the Waterlogic Sales Representative], helped us realize that by switching from the company we were using, we would save a good amount of money.

    Toresha, Brain Injury Services

    "Water quality is second to none. Customer service from the time of sales to installation to billing is professional and excellent. Waterlogic is indeed a 5 star company with a 5 star product."

    Nick, Christ Community Church

    "I strongly recommend Waterlogic! I have worked with them to install a new machine for two different offices with two different contracts now and both times the process has been flawless . . . Everyone in the office loves the taste and temperature of both our hot and cold water."

    Emily, Altus Group US Inc.

    Want more water cooler machines? Waterlogic has them.

    Made to the highest standards, only Waterlogic provides a full range of free-standing and countertop bottleless hot water dispenser models with the option to buy or rent. By combining instant cold water, hot, ambient, sparkling and even ice water options, Waterlogic gives you an assortment of sophisticated and stylish bottleless coolers that will fit your workplace needs and standards.

    These fully certified water dispensers combine multistage water filtration that provides an endless amount of purity with every dispense.

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