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Ice and Water Dispenser 7 Series

With a sleek and attractive design, the Ice and Water Dispenser, 7 Series gives any workplace the convenience of dispensing ice and water from one system. Choose from a counter top or tower model while providing sanitary dispensing capabilities and many other features to benefit any work space.

  • Ice and water from one machine
  • 100lbs of ice per day to keep your water cool
  • Countertop option for smaller spaces
  • No drain required
  • Ideal for up to 30 users

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The modern stainless steel interior with accent trim offers a stylish design among many other benefits:

  • Produces consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice
  • Intuitive touch, eliminating direct contact with ice and minimizes cross
  • Countertop models fit under standard cabinets
  • Compact 14.6" x 22" footprint
  • NO DRAIN REQUIRED - Ability to place anywhere with easy installation and maintenance
  • Provides the lowest energy and water usage of similar capacity ice machines
  • Agion® antimicrobial treatment of critical components to minimize bacteria and biofilm growth on treated surfaces

7 Series Ice and Water – 100lbs of ice per day image

These dispensers can produce 100 lbs of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice per day. The 7 Series, which holds 7 lbs of ice storage, is ideal for a 25-30 person work group.

Freestanding Dimensions 14.62in (W) x 42in (H) x 22.12in (D)
Countertop Dimensions 14.62in (W) x 17.62in (H) x 22.12in (D)
Freestanding Weight 120LBS
Countertop Weight 90LBS
Dispense area height 8.5”
Ice Capacity 7LBS
Water Temperature 40-90°F
Ice Production (per hour) 4.5LBS
Additional Features Sleep Mode, Dispenser top supports up to 35LBS, Agion® silver-based antimicrobial product protection of key ice and water contact components.

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